Hyper At Red Mango: Our Trip to Try Tasty New Smoothies From the Frozen Yogurt Giant

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Red Mango SuperBiotics Smoothies Summer LogoRed Mango, popular among my friends for its all-natural frozen yogurt and the variety of toppings from kiwis to crushed up candy, has a new superbiotic summer smoothies line. Always up to try something new, I was happy they asked to be an Oh My! Omaha sponsor.

It’s good timing, too, since today through Friday, Red Mango is offering $2 Super Biotic Smoothies. And for the coupon adverse, this deal doesn’t even require one. You can get a regular size (16oz) Super Biotic smoothie all day, every day in store (only 16oz Super Biotic smoothies are eligible for this offer).

Mr. Wonderful and I brought the kids down to the Red Mango next to Ameritrade Park – a neat location with outdoor seating.

The patio at the Red Mango in downtown Omaha.
The patio at the Red Mango in downtown Omaha.

As is their habit, Farley and Mooch ran wild while I mulled over the 22 smoothie options – the dairy-free Raspberry Jammin’ or maybe a Spoonable Mango Banana? And do I add a little boost to it?!

I was clearly taking too long to decide. If I didn’t hurry, Mooch would be dangling from the ceiling soon.

The Strawberry Energizer Smoothie at Red Mango. Yum.
The Strawberry Energizer Smoothie at Red Mango. Yum.

We settled on three things to share. The winner was hands down the Strawberry Energizer Mr. Wonderful ordered. Made with the obvious strawberries and yogurt, plus some banana, it’s the right amount of sweetness for everyone’s tastes.

I picked the Honey Badger Fat Burner because I’m a sucker for fun names. The Honey Badger was a blend of yogurt, granola and honey. It was mild in flavor and lacked the ka-pow of the strawberry. But Honey Badger don’t care.

The healthy fruit in the toppings bar at Red Mango. Naturally, my son wanted Nerds and sprinkles on his frozen yogurt instead.
The healthy fruit in the toppings bar at Red Mango. Naturally, my son wanted Nerds and sprinkles on his frozen yogurt instead.

And, since we had children who were tall enough to see the toppings bar, we couldn’t get out of there without some fro-yo topped with goodies. The kids greedily ate that big bowl up, stealing our spoons so we couldn’t sample. I wanted to get them one of the Just Kidd’n snack-sized options of smoothies, the PB one sounded right up their alley. Oh well, next time.

The kids started bogarting the frozen yogurt. How many spoons does one kid need?
The kids started bogarting the frozen yogurt.

We love our sponsors, and encourage you to give them some love, too! Follow Red Mango, one of the fastest-growing retailers of all-natural frozen yogurt and fresh fruit smoothies, on Facebook and Twitter.

So let’s review the fun new options at Red Mango, shall we? There are four lifestyle-centered categories:

Body Balance: Flavorful and functional yogurt smoothies formulated with beneficial boosts
All Fruit Harmony: Refreshing dairy-free and soy-free smoothies made only with fruit, juice and ice.
Twisted Fruits: Smooth and creamy signature yogurt smoothies offered in new and innovative fruit-forward flavors.
Just Kidd’n: Naturally delicious, snack-sized fruit and yogurt smoothies, blended just for kids.

Since I, for one, like the promise of a little boost in my drink (no, friends, not the alcoholic kind of boost, at least not here), here are the smoothie boosts you can have added to your drink to give it a wholesome kick. In addition to the protein, energy, immunity and multivitamin boosts available, Red Mango has added four new boosts which have been formulated with natural and innovative ingredients:

Metabolic Fit 360™: A proprietary blend of protein, calcium and African Mango which supports metabolic balance and promotes healthy weight management.
Dark Chocolate Mate: Finely ground, Brazilian roasted maté and dark chocolate; a delicious, rich, low-calorie flavor which also supplies a nice dose of antioxidants.
Tropical Hibiscus: Finely ground, premium Nigerian hibiscus blossoms infused with natural pineapple and lychee; a bright and tropical low-calorie flavor and antioxidant boost.
Green Tea Acai: Finely ground, premium green tea with açai berries, the Amazonian superfruit; a low-calorie antioxidant boost made with the best ingredients.


This is a sponsored post by Red Mango. The opinions in this post are mine, though.