April 14, 2014

Lickety Split App – Helping Mornings Get Done

I feel the need to write a long-overdue ode.

An ode to Mommy and Daddy’s little helper.

Lickety Split.

lickety split 1I owe the makers of this .99 app a lot more than a blog post (and my .99 cents). But, Swirly Studios, I’m not sure if we can put a price tag on my sanity.

We’ve been having some problems getting out the door on time in the mornings. Sometimes, it’s my fault or Mr. Wonderful’s, but mostly, it’s the kids’ fault. I’m the mom who blames her kids.

They’re easily distracted.


Everything takes forever because they’ll start to get a shirt on, notice a toy, start playing with it while one arm is in a sleeve and the other isn’t.

There’s no rush with these kids.

Unless they’re racing each other. Then, it’s body checks and taunting.

If I do have their attention, it’s for the wrong reason. They have their eye on my as they gleefully leap just out of reach. It’s game time, then.

Mr. Wonderful found Lickety Split and, honest to goodness, this app has made life so much easier.

Basically, it’s an audible countdown, and if you beat the timer, you get a reward (though, the reward is just an animation on the screen, it’s a BIG deal for my kids). My kids live for pushing the “I did it!” button.

lickety-split-2-586x343_sealThe classical music’s nice and keeps the competitive aggression in check and instead kind of soothes. Tempo picks up near the end of your time limit, so for kids who can’t read the countdown clock, they’re still grasp that time’s almost up.

Whenever the kids start to dart out of my reach during our morning routine, I break out Lickety Split, harness their competitiveness and things get done.

Clothes changed, socks on, boom!

This app works for most things you need to set a time limit on. Picking up rooms, limiting bath time, that sort of thing. They also have a non-countdown timer good for studying or reading – so if you hit the “finished” button too early, you get a “waa waa” sound.

So in conclusion, Lickety Split, I heart you.

Your turn: What helps your family get out the door on time in the morning?