March 27, 2017

Where To Find The Best Chocolate In Omaha

Chocolate wouldn’t be the first thing I associate with Omaha’s food scene, but let’s change that today.

Omaha has some pastry chefs out there with mad skills. And chocolatiers. And ice cream makers. I asked readers on my Facebook page and friends from the Omaha Foodies Group  to share their favorite Omaha places for chocolate because life is sweeter when there’s a new chocolate place to visit. Ready for a sugar high?

Keep reading to find the best chocolate in Omaha!


Chocolaterie Stam

Shadow Lake Towne Center, 7474 Olson Dr #123, Papillion, Neb.

Stam, as it’s known around here, was recommended more than once.

Adrienne S., a member of the Omaha foodies group I belong to, also recommended Stam. “Stam’s in Shadow Lake has the most amazing chocolate pieces and gelato!”

Danell T. wrote about his winter daddy-daughter date to Stam – note for those looking for hot chocolate!



200 S. 31st Ave., suite 4103

For a year-round taste of that craveable summer treat, the s’more, head Crave at Midtown Crossing. Crave has a s’more brownie. Shannon P. recommended it.



5001 Underwood Ave.

While I’m a purist and will 99% of the time choose good, plain chocolate ice cream, I do love added goodies to my ice cream from time to time. I have to let you know that eCreamery is ah-mazing, and you have to try Shark Bait when you’re there. It’s one of the flavors they fed to the “sharks” when they pitched to them on “Shark Tank.” Shark Bait is sea salt caramel gelato with chocolate-covered pretzels, and yes, it’s as tasty as that sounds.


Le Petit Paris – French Bakery

567 N. 155th Plaza

Laura I. said she had to recommend the pain au chocolat from Le Petit Paris because “everything they make is heaven!”


M’s Pub

Closed – but may reopen at 11th and Howard streets

Brian W. recommended an old Omaha favorite that has been closed for more than a year following a fire. But, once is does reopen, I bet he’ll be there because he says “the chocolate mocha fudge torte is No. 1 on my list of chocolatey things to eat in Omaha.”


The Omaha Bakery

608 S. 72nd St.

The Omaha Bakery is one of the newer kids on the block. I know you’re going to like them. They had made me at their motto on their T-shirts: “Legalize frostitution.” Carrie A. is a fan, too, and suggested you try the bon bons there. Jennifer B. seconded The Omaha Bakery, noting that “The brownies at Omaha Bakery are sinful. In a good way!”


Salt 88

3623 N. 129th St.

My husband’s favorite chocolate of Omaha, and possibly mine (I just can’t commit to one), was the chocolate cake at Salt 88. Cake has never left me speechless before, but this warmed slice was heavenly. It’s been two years since I had it at my birthday dinner and I still think about it.



Two locations: 1122 Howard St. and 13615 California St.

I associated Stokes with killer enchiladas, but turns out, they have a craveable dessert. Debbie K. loves the flourless chocolate cake at Stokes.


Summer Kitchen Cafe

Three locations: 1130 Sterling Ridge Drive; 1203 Cornhusker Highway, Bellevue, Neb.; and 12010 Giles Road, La Vista, Neb.

You knew there was going to be at least one cupcake on this list if it was about chocolate in Omaha, didn’t you? Mary Eileen S. recommended the giant red velvet cupcake at Summer Kitchen Cafe. “I crave them.”


Ted & Wally’s

1120 Jackson St. and 6023 Maple St.

I love all kinds of flavor combinations for ice cream, but I have been known to school my nieces and children in recognizing that Omaha has the best homemade chocolate ice cream – with no add-ins – at Ted & Wally’s. I found another person, Cindy K., who agrees with me: “Simple but oooohhh so good.”


Twisted Cork Bistro

10730 Pacific St.

Gretchen H. said for the best chocolate in Omaha, look no further than the chocolate cookie at Twisted Cork. Though she added the word “cookie” does not do it justice.


V. Mertz

1022 Howard St,

Dana Z. (follow her at @omahadonewell to see great pictures of Omaha restaurants and businesses) recommended two desserts from V. Mertz. She said their candy bar and the chocolate dessert she recently had there “It was lick-the-plate yum.”


Whisk & Measure

2505 S. 133rd Plaza

Whitney G. loves the chocolate sea salt caramel cake at Whisk & Measure so much, she used eight exclamation points after telling me the cake was “absolutely divine.”

Please leave a comment with your recommendations!

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March 8, 2017

Where To Find Good Mexican Food In Omaha

Omaha has a vibrant Mexican community. Head to South 24th Street sometime and feel transported to Mexico, with its shops and restaurants advertising in Spanish,  and the colorful streetscape. There’s an abundance of great Mexican restaurants in Omaha thanks to that community, and not just on South 24th Street.

Ready to try some new Mexican food? I asked Oh My! Omaha Facebook fans to share their favorites, and they delivered a great assortment of options. Here’s are some local Mexican favorites:

El Dorado

5134 S. 24th St.

Katie L. and Krynn P. both recommended El Dorado. “The paradillas and seafood cocktails are INCREDIBLE. It is SO GOOD!!,” said Katie, who also wanted to point out the strawberry margaritas are “pretty yummy.”

Krynn said El Dorado was a household favorite. Her husband’s favorite thing to order there are the chicken enchiladas.


Maria’s Mexican Restaurant

7630 Burlington St.

For good soft shell tacos, Laura S. recommended Maria’s Mexican Restaurant, located in Ralston.



380 N. 114th St. and 7555 Pacific St.

Donna W. recommended Fernando’s, though with two locations in Omaha, I’m not sure which one she’d steer you to. Her grandaughters’ favorite thing to order are the chicken enchiladas, but Donna’s can’t narrow it down (and no, Donna, the margarita doesn’t count!).



12047 Blondo St.

“Rivera’s is the best! Hands down!,” said readerAmy B. “Their menu is amazing and the staff is great too!”

I asked her what she’d recommend there, and she suggested pastor tacos, and for more a unique variety, try the enchiladas potosinas, pollo a las brasas, or the carne asada. “You won’t be disappointed.”



3932 Farnam St.

Dana Z. from Mom’s Good Eats recommends Mula in the trendy Blackstone neighborhood, especially the guacamole and the strawberry margarita.


Dos de Oros Food Truck

3310 S. 24th St. (O’Reilly’s parking lot) and another parked near 24th Street and H Street

Two fans of Dos de Oros recommend a food truck called Dos de Oros. Brian W. said “Dos de Oros taco truck can’t be beat. I honestly don’t crave any other Mexican food anymore. Theirs is sooooo good.” His favorite are the tacos and burritos.

Laura S. agreed with Brian, “Their burritos and tacos are the  💣.”


Maximo’s Cantina

2613 N. Main St., Elkhorn, Neb.

According to Wendy S., everything at Maximo’s is good, plus a “rocking happy hour and amazing staff.”


Jacobo’s Grocery

4621 S. 24th St.

Yes, I agree with Lori S.  on this one, while Jacobo’s is a small grocery store and not a restaurant, its food counter should be included on this list. “The burritos at Jacobos are TDF! And the salsa! and the tamales…,” wrote Lori.



1020 Howard St.

Tim T. with The Walking Tourists recommended Trini’s, a charming restaurant in the Old Market that I like too, mostly because of the atmosphere and location.

Tim also added two more restaurants to his recommended list: La Mesa and Romeo’s.


Your turn:

Where in Omaha can you find the best Mexican food?


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February 13, 2017

SkipTheDishes In Omaha {Giveaway}

Do you guys know about SkipTheDishes? It’s a delivery service featuring a lot of restaurants who don’t typically deliver, including some of my favorite restaurants.

I never tried it until recently, when I was contacted by SkipTheDishes and they asked if I’d give it a go. What a great service!

Want to try it out? Oh My! Omaha readers can get 10% off their orders through March 31, 2017! Just use OHMYOMAHA10 at checkout. Keep reading for a giveaway!


What to know about SkipTheDishes

Why order delivery?

Let’s see. Are your kids wild cards when you eat out? Is it 9 degrees out? Are you so done with doing the dishes? Three very good reasons to have someone go fetch you good food.

If you feel like it, you do have the option of pick-up. I never feel like it.


Is it really local restaurants?

Yes, and they’re good ones! If you like ethnic foods, there are a lot represented. Restaurants serving up pizza, smoothies, falafel, ramen, subs, burgers…they’re all represented.

Want to dine in your fancy pants (ie., your nice PJs)? Order from Le Buillon or J. Coco.

We tried a new-to-us restaurant, Burrito Envy. If you try them, do yourself a favor, and get the dessert! Those little fried bites of cinnamon heaven topped with sea salt caramel make diet cheat nights worth it.

Got kids? Some of the local restaurants include some kids meal options, like Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob and Frank’s Pizzeria.


How much extra is delivery?

It depends on where you’re ordering from. Expect to pay between $2-$5.50.


How long does it take?

SkipTheDishes does a good job letting you know up-front how long deliveries will be as you browse the list. Delivery times are based on things like distance from your house, where couriers are, type of food, etc.


Was it easy?

Very. You need to register an account before you place an order. Then you look through the list of restaurants, find something tempting, order your meals, add the tip if you want, and then wait happily for delivery. You can place an order to be delivered “ASAP” or during a 30-minute window some other time.


Stalking time

You can “watch” your courier through the whole process via a GPS tracker on the website. This is particularly useful with children who ask “When is our food going to be here?” every 3 minutes.


Did you mess it up?

Of course. I didn’t finish the ordering process when I thought I had, so my window of delivery came and went. I had to reorder once I realized my mistake. I learned this obvious lesson:

Tip: You know your order has gone through when you get an email confirming it.


SkipTheDishes Omaha Discount


I want readers to try this service out, so SkipTheDishes is giving you 10% off orders through March 31, 2017! Just use OHMYOMAHA10 at checkout. Start drooling over browsing menus today here.



One lucky reader will receive $50 credit to SkipTheDishes! Use the easy Rafflecopter entry form below for your chance. Giveaway ends Sunday, Feb. 26, at 11:59 p.m.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Must be 18 or older to enter. Giveaway ends Sunday, Feb. 26, at 11:59 p.m. One winner will be randomly selected through Rafflecopter and contacted via email within 48 hours. The winner has 48 hours to respond before another winner is selected. Good luck and happy eating!



February 7, 2017

19 Great Places To Get Breakfast In Omaha

The Oh My! Omaha Facebook community knows good food. I recently asked where I could find the best breakfast in Omaha and they did not disappoint with recommendations.

Here are some of the breakfast recommendations:

11-Worth Café

11-Worth had a few votes for best breakfast. Jamie N. and Nicole B. both suggested it. The food is ample and the service is friendly, and as a bonus for kids, they get a balloon. 11-Worth Cafe, 2419 Leavenworth St.

AJ’s Café

Here’s a new diner (new to me, that is) that was suggested by Cee W.: AJ’s Café. Find AJ’s at 5146 N. 90th St.

Bailey’s Breakfast & Lunch

Mishl P. recommended one of my go-to local restaurants for breakfast: Bailey’s. If you like benedicts, you’ll love the variety offered there. Bailey’s Breakfast & Lunch, 1259 S. 120th St.

The Diner

Gaby H. recommended this Old Market greasy spoon. Gaby actually recommended a couple, but The Diner is her first choice. The Diner, 409 S. 12th St.

FarmHouse Café & Bakery

Melissa F. recommended this popular restaurant, suggesting their cinnamon rolls and County Smoked Ham ‘n Eggs. This is a great place for a group. FarmHouse Café & Bakery, 3461 84th St.

Harold’s Koffee House

Harold’s, a Florence staple, was recommended by Diane P. Ask for one of their homemade donuts to go with your meal. Harold’s Koffee House, 8327 N. 30th St.

Joe’s Café

Just off the main strip of Maple Street in Benson, you’ll find a little restaurant called Joe’s Café. Valerie L. recommends trying it out. Joe’s Café, 6564 Maple St.

Keystone Café

Don M. recommended Keystone Café, one I’m not too familiar with. Keystone Café, 7805 Military Ave.

Leo’s Diner

Leo’s Diner is a Benson neighborhood staple.Barb W. and Diane T. both recommended Leo’s. I love the breakfast there, maybe not so much the coffee… Leo’s Diner, 6055 Maple St.

Lisa’s Radial Café

Here’s a place you should probably expect a wait. It’s really good. Jennifer G. recommended Lisa’s, and she shared the stuffed french toast and an omelet (“fastastic!”). Violet M. suggested a dish I haven’t tried yet, but she may have convinced me to order it next time: “The butterscotch pancakes are AMAZING!!!” The decorations at Lisa’s are fun to look at, as well. Lisa’s Radial Café, 817 N. 40th St.

Louie M.’s Burger Lust

It might not sound like a place for breakfast, but it is. Rebekah P. recommended Louie’s for breakfast. Louie M.’s Burger Lust, 1718 Vinton St.

Ever heard of Nitehawkes Cafe? It’s the oldest restaurant in Omaha that serves breakfast. Read about it here!

Over Easy

Over Easy is a favorite around these parts. Gaby H., Ashley P. and Erin F. recommended the cute little West O. restaurant, for breakfast. Order a homemade poptart to accompany your breakfast. You’re welcome. Over Easy, 16859 Q St.

Pitch Pizzeria West Omaha

Looking for brunch? Mishl P. said Pitch (the West O. location) has a great brunch. “Fabulous bloody Mary’s and creme brûlée French toast and sausage ragout.” Pitch Pizzeria West Omaha, 17808 Burke St.

The Special Restaurant

Melissa N. and Jen S. both recommended a restaurant in Bellevue, Neb., that’s a new one to me. She said try the chicken fried steak or french toast at The Special Restaurant. The Special Restaurant, 303 Fort Crook Rd. N., Bellevue, Neb.

Summer Kitchen Café

Tim T. suggested Summer Kitchen, particularly the potato casseroles. Summer Kitchen Café has three locations: 1203 Cornhusker Road, Bellevue, Neb.; 12010 Giles Road, LaVista, Neb.; and 1130 Sterling Ridge Drive.

Taxi’s Grille & Bar

Reader Alisha L. recommended the brunch at Taxi’s. I haven’t dined there for any meal, so I think I’ll make their brunch my first meal there. Taxi’s Grille & Bar, 1822 N. 120th St.

Upstream Brewing Co.

Jen S. recommended Upstream Brewery for its brunch buffet, which I have to chime in and say it is the best brunch buffet around. There are two locations for this brew pub, and while I like the Old Market location for sitting outdoors enjoying the brunch, the buffet at the West O. location is so great. Upstream Brewing Co., 514 S. 11th St. and 17070 Wright Plaza

Vidlak’s Brookside Café

Several people recommended Vidlak’s. Emily and Julie S. both recommended Vidlak’s for breakfast, with Julie recommending the cinnamon rolls. Randy A. recommended bringing some patience with you: “If you decide on going to Vidlak’s go early or you’ll have a wait time to a table……trust me it’s worth the wait!” Vidlak’s Brookside Café, 15668 W. Center Road


Elise H. recommended the One Pacific Place location (there are a couple other locations). I’ve never been disappointed at Wheatfields – their coffee is great and their menu is extensive. Nicole B. recommended Wheatfields, as well, but didn’t single out which location. Don’t miss out on trying a baked good! Wheatfields, 1224 S. 103rd St.


Notable Chains

There are several chain restaurants in Omaha that have great service and food. Here are some that were recommended by readers: The Egg and I, Le Peep, and one of my favorites, First Watch.

Family-Friendly Breakfast Spots

Have little ones? Check out this list of kid-friendly restaurants with a great breakfast!

You’ll find some breakfast ideas on the Family-Friendly Dining in Omaha Pinterest board:


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January 22, 2017

5 Things To Try At My Pie Pizza

One of Omaha’s newest pizza shops, My Pie Pizza, opened recently at 120th and Blondo streets. It’s the first location in the Midwest for this chain that focuses on custom pizzas.

My Pie’s open kitchen leaves no mystery to how your meal is being made.

It’s a tough gig, but sometimes as a blogger, I’m asked to try nearly everything on the menu of a restaurant. So, I joined a few other Omaha bloggers at My Pie one evening to try some of the best offerings of this Omaha restaurant. Here are my top picks.

5 Things to Try at My Pie Pizza

My Pie Pizza

1. Husker Pizza

Only in Nebraska could you have a pizza with roasted corn on it and think, “Yep, that sounds good.”

Pizza with corn on it? Sounds like Nebraska’s kind of pizza.

In addition to corn, pizza has bacon and jalapeno, which adds a kick to each bite. It was one of my favorites of the night.

2. Nebraska craft beer

My Pie Pizza has local beers on tap.

I like a chain that makes an effort to become a part of the neighborhood it moves into. At the My Pie location I was at, they had several Nebraska breweries represented on tap, including favorites of mine, like Nebraska Brewing Co., Infusion Brewery, and Blue Blood Brewing Co. out of Lincoln.

Side note: They have a winerator. That’s right: Wine on tap.


3. Chocolate Chip Cookie

Big chocolate chip cookies at My Pie.

I saved the dessert, a cookie, to sample later at home. They put some kind of voodoo magic on it, that kept it warm until I had my chance. Gooey, chocolatey goodness.

Save room for it, and you too can be rewarded with this treat.


4. Salads

The Mediterranean Lover Salad at My Pie.

Salads? At a pizza place? Blasphemy.

They’re good, though. I promise.  The salads at My Pie didn’t seem like an after-thought. The colorful salads were flavorful and satisfying.

If your counting calories, though, request less cheese.


5. Your pick

Fresh, colorful ingredients for customized pizzas at My Pie in Omaha.

The appeal of My Pie is that you can order your own creations using fresh ingredients and your choice of dough. The open kitchen allows you to watch it made (which is mighty speedy, like baked in 2 minutes).

Or go with some of their classics. My favorites from the night were Mr. White, a yummy cheese bread-like pizza, and the Pear-Fect Pie, a sweet and savory combo that delicious.


Tip: If you visit My Pie this month, kids 12 and younger can eat for free with an accompanying adult. Word is that this promotion may return in March, too.


If you go

My Pie Pizza

Where: 2085 N. 120th St., Suite D6


Want to find the best pizza in Omaha?

January 12, 2017

Best Comfort Food In Omaha

Cold days and colder nights in Omaha require some serious comfort food. If you’re looking for a rich dish or filling casserole to warm you up, this is the post for you.

And if you made a New Year resolution to eat healthier, you’re going to want to skip this post.

Here are a few favorite spots in Omaha to get comfort food:

Mark’s Bistro. Mark’s in the Dundee neighborhood has been my go-to spot for mac and cheese for years. The restaurant elevates the simple dish by adding accoutrement like bacon and lobster. Check the chef’s embellishments for the day before you order.

Le Buillon. Le Buillon serves French comfort food at affordable prices in the Old Market. I love this place for a romantic date night. Leah Hall from Haute Bauble recommends ordering the cassoulet.

I’d have to agree with her. It is divine.

Charleston’s Restaurant. Erin from Home with the Boys recommended this restaurant. “I adore the chicken tenders at Charleston’s! They are the best for when I want to feel warm and cozy!”

It’s a favorite of my mom’s, so I’ve been there many times. Their rolls are addicting.

Leo’s Diner. Kim from A Cup of Content says anything you order at Leo’s is the best comfort food.

I’m a breakfast kind of gal, so the ultimate comfort food there is anything on top of their hashbrowns.

– Par.a.gon Dundee. Christi from Leopold Confidential recommended a new restaurant that I have yet to visit: Par.a.gon. “It’s new and the dishes are based on good old fashioned comfort food but with a twist! We went last week and it was amazing! I highly recommend the scratch tater tots, pork cheek and dumplings (like a pot roast with potatoes) and the butterscotch poke cake or the parsnip cake with pistachio ice cream!”

Your turn: Where in Omaha do you go for the best comfort food?