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5 Things To Try At My Pie Pizza

5 Things To Try At My Pie Pizza

One of Omaha’s newest pizza shops, My Pie Pizza, opened recently at 120th and Blondo streets. It’s the first location in the Midwest for this chain that focuses on custom pizzas.

My Pie Pizza counter in Omaha
My Pie’s open kitchen leaves no mystery to how your meal is being made.

It’s a tough gig, but sometimes as a blogger, I’m asked to try nearly everything on the menu of a restaurant. So, I joined a few other Omaha bloggers at My Pie one evening to try some of the best offerings of this Omaha restaurant. Here are my top picks.

5 Things to Try at My Pie Pizza

5 things you should try at My Pie Pizza

1. Husker Pizza

Only in Nebraska could you have a pizza with roasted corn on it and think, “Yep, that sounds good.”

Husker pizza, a one-of-a-kind pizza to order at My Pie Pizza in Omaha
Pizza with corn on it? Sounds like Nebraska’s kind of pizza.

In addition to corn, pizza has bacon and jalapeno, which adds a kick to each bite. It was one of my favorites of the night.

2. Nebraska craft beer

Local beer in a glass at My Pie Pizza in Omaha
My Pie Pizza has local beers on tap.

I like a chain that makes an effort to become a part of the neighborhood it moves into. At the My Pie location I was at, they had several Nebraska breweries represented on tap, including favorites of mine, like Nebraska Brewing Co., Infusion Brewery, and Blue Blood Brewing Co. out of Lincoln.

Side note: They have a winerator. That’s right: Wine on tap.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate chip cookies at My Pie Pizza
Big chocolate chip cookies at My Pie.

I saved the dessert, a cookie, to sample later at home. They put some kind of voodoo magic on it, that kept it warm until I had my chance. Gooey, chocolatey goodness.

Save room for it, and you too can be rewarded with this treat.

4. Salads

Mediterranean Lover Salad, a pile of veggies at My Pie Pizza
The Mediterranean Lover Salad at My Pie.

Salads? At a pizza place? Blasphemy.

They’re good, though. I promise.  The salads at My Pie didn’t seem like an after-thought. The colorful salads were flavorful and satisfying.

If your counting calories, though, request less cheese.

5. Your pick

Fresh toppings at My Pie Pizza
Fresh, colorful ingredients for customized pizzas at My Pie in Omaha.

The appeal of My Pie is that you can order your own creations using fresh ingredients and your choice of dough. The open kitchen allows you to watch it made (which is mighty speedy, like baked in 2 minutes).

Or go with some of their classics. My favorites from the night were Mr. White, a yummy cheese bread-like pizza, and the Pear-Fect Pie, a sweet and savory combo that delicious.

Tip: If you visit My Pie this month, kids 12 and younger can eat for free with an accompanying adult. Word is that this promotion may return in March, too.

If you go

My Pie Pizza

Where: 2085 N. 120th St., Suite D6

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.