January 14, 2019

Tips For Taking Kids To 3 Of The Biggest Chicago Museums

Our family trips usually include a museum or two on our itinerary. On a recent holiday weekend trip to Chicago, there was so much we wanted to see, we had a lengthy list. So we narrowed it down and picked three Chicago museums to visit, two where we’d get free admission thanks to the ASTC reciprocity membership. As it happens, we pick three of the biggest museums in Chicago (and the world!).

Taking kids to Chicago? You'll probably want to go to at least one of these amazing museums! Here are some tips that will make your visits easier. #familytravel #Chicago #Illinois #tips

However, three museums in three days? I would’t recommend it now.  We went to Museum of Science & Industry, Art Institute of Chicago, and The Field Museum, and they are massive. Don’t make the mistake of trying to see them all in one trip, even if it sounds manageable. 

How big are the museums? The Museum of Science & Industry has 400,000 square feet of exhibit space. The Field Museum’s exhibition space is 480,000 square feet. And the Art Institute of Chicago? It has more than a million square feet of exhibition space.

However, let me share some tips for visiting them, should you want to choose one or two for your next visit.  

Before anyone leaves any hate comments, yes, there are WAY more than three museums to see in Chicago. I know this. I agree. First time visitors, though, are probably going to be eyeing the ones the city is most known for.

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Tips for visiting Museum of Science & Industry

As it’s the largest science center in the Western Hemisphere, the Museum of Science & Industry is going to take you a whole day to visit, and even then, I doubt you’ll see and it all.

The Transportation Gallery at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago.

The museum is so large, we didn’t see all the permanent exhibits during our 5-hour visit. It was Thanksgiving Weekend, so the crowds may have been bigger than usual. But if you visit that time of year, you’re in for a treat: The museum has trees decorated to represent countries from around the world, plus there’s the massive Grand Tree as the centerpiece.

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is decorated for Christmas each year and includes the Grand Tree as the centerpiece.
The four-story Grand Tree is located inside the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago.

Some of the places that were the biggest hits with our 7-and 9-year-olds included the mirror maze, the build-a-toy area, and the Idea Factory, which is essentially a one-room children’s museum.

The Idea Factory inside the Museum of Science and Industry is for children under the age of 10. This was just one corner of the room.

The maze and playground both required timed tickets to limit crowds, so if you know you’ll want to see them, I recommend getting your tickets first thing so you’re not stuck with a really late entry time.

The maze at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago
My daughter and I did the mirror maze at the Museum of Science & Industry easily, since my daughter seemed to have a knack for knowing where to turn.

Your general admission ticket gets you into plenty of exhibits, including ones exploring energy, transportation and robotics, as well as the U-505 Submarine. You can opt to purchase experiences or passes to temporary exhibits (there was a Pixar one there when we went).

Exterior of the U-505 Submarine at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago
The U-505 Submarine is included with regular admission to the Museum of Science & Industry.

We bought tickets to the Coal Mining Experience. It was pretty interesting, and included a little ride in a coal mining train, but for the price, I probably wouldn’t do it again with the kids. It was $40 for us.

Dining tip: There are three dining options inside the museum, including an ice cream parlor. We had lunch at the Brain Food Court, which is a large cafeteria-like food court with healthy options and then your expected grilled and pasta fare. The food was pricey, as is expected at any museum, but I was impressed with the variety.

Parking tip: There is a parking garage at the museum that is$22 for parking. I heard there are parking lots within walking distance in neighborhoods, but I can’t vouch for any. I recommend taking public transportation, taxi or an Uber to the museum.

Playing around with a light and color exhibit at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago.

Reciprocal membership alert: If you are a member of Omaha Children’s Museum or another science center that’s likely a member of ASTC, you receive admission for four to Museum of Science & Industry. This is a huge savings.

Tips for visiting Field Museum

The Field Museum is on par with the big museums of the world like the Smithsonian. So, it’s huge and it’s full of a ton of exhibits in botany, zoology, anthropology and geology. Keep your expectations in check: You’re not going to see it all in one day.

The cast of Máximo the titanosaur in the main floor hall of The Field Museum
My son in front of Máximo the titanosaur at The Field Museum. The titanosaur is the largest dinosaur to ever live. Since this is a cast of fossils, you can touch Máximo!

A docent recommended our family take the one-hour tour with the kids. It took us to several exhibits in the museum and gave us a ton of interesting information. One kid was totally into it, the other was not. So, maybe it’s a good idea for families?

Discovery Squad educator at The FIeld Museum showing how jaws work.
The Discovery Squad at The Field Museum help kids better understand science and natural history by letting kids see specimens up close. My daughter loved the experience.

The docent tour did take us to see SUE, the T. rex that the museum is famous for. The museum is outfitting a new room for the skeleton and you can get a peek at Sue before it’s unveiled soon. It’s out of the way, and we would’ve missed it had we not gone on the tour.

SUE the T.rex at The Field Museum i
When we visited The Field Museum in 2018, SUE the T.rex was in her new home upstairs, but the home itself wasn’t finished. At press time of this post, SUE’s new home is finished and open to the public.

The museum’s general admission gets you into a ton of exhibits that will appeal to kids, from mummies to extinct animals to anthropological exhibits of cultures around the world. In my limited experience, it’s not really worth it to buy tickets to the temporary exhibits (unless it’s a topic you really love). We bought tickets to one, and it was $50 for our family to see that one added exhibit. And, my kids just rushed through it, anyway.

Dining tip: There are two year-round restaurants at the museum, as well as a seasonal outdoor restaurants. We ended up walking to Giordano’s for some deep dish Chicago pizza, instead of trying one of the restaurants.

Reciprocal membership alert: If you are a member of Omaha Children’s Museum or another science center that’s likely a member of ASTC, you receive admission for four to Museum of Science & Industry. This is a huge savings.

Tips for visiting Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is often rated the best art museum in the world. It’s huge, it’s full of incredible works of art, hundreds of thousands of pieces you can’t possibly see in one visit, and definitely not if you’re visiting with kids.

The best tip? Do the JourneyMaker experience with your kids. This free, customized itinerary maker for kids lets them pick a theme, then select artwork to include on the itinerary, and then they have to hunt for the art in the museum and complete small activities. Once they’re done, they get to choose a free art postcard.

My daughter used the JourneyMaker computer to create a customized itinerary for exploring the Art Institute of Chicago based on what interested her.

You’ll find the JourneyMaker computers in the Ryan Learning Center. You should probably plan on spending some time in the rooms of the learning center, as there are art-making activities, toys, and books there for kids.

Drawing at the Art Institute of Chicago for one of the activities in the JourneyMaker tour.
The JourneyMaker at Art Institute of Chicago lets kids create their own themed tour of the museum that includes activities for each stop and a prize to collect at the end.

Anyway, the massiveness of the art museum was almost going to be too much, but the JourneyMaker itinerary took us through many galleries, so I did get to see quite a bit. However, my daughter was so set on finishing it, we ended up breezing through some of my all-time favorite works of art, which was a little heartbreaking.

A lot of people told us to take the kids to the Thorne Miniatures Room, that they’d love the pretty scenes in the tiny rooms. Maybe your kids will. My daughter was mildly interested, but still just dead set on finishing the JourneyMaker so she didn’t want to look for long.

The lions in front of the Art Institute of Chicago are each adorned with a large wreath during the holiday season. When we did the JourneyMaker activity at the museum, my daughter chose the lions as one of our stops.

It took us about 2 hours to do the JourneyMaker itinerary, with stops to linger in the Impressionist gallery and a (very) brief stop to see the miniatures.

We didn’t have any sweet reciprocal discount, but the good news is that kids are admitted free.

Dining tip: There are three cafes in the museum.

What’s nearby: We paired a visit to Maggie Daley Park with a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago. They’re within walking distance of each other. This park will spoil you for all other parks – it’s that amazing and fantastically designed.

Tips for taking kids to three of the biggest museums in Chicago - The Field Museum, Museum of Science & Industry, and Art Institute of Chicago. #familytravel #Chicago #Illinois #tips

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January 11, 2019

Where To Stay Near O’Hare

Loews Hotels has two Chicago locations. I wrote about the downtown Chicago location recently and how it’s conveniently located to some of our favorite things in the city. The other hotel’s location is near O’Hare International Airport in Rosemont, Ill. We stayed there for a night during our Chicago holiday getaway with the kids. Here’s what a stay at Loews Chicago O’Hare is like.

Disclosure: Our stay was hosted by Loews Hotels. All thoughts, opinions and typos are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a small payment for referring you.

Looking for a hotel near O'Hare Airport or the Fashion Outlets of Chicago? Here's a look at Loews Chicago O'Hare, a place full of art and local flavors. #LoewsPartner #Chicago #familytravel

If you haven’t heard of Rosemont, Ill., it’s a community about 20 minutes from downtown Chicago, with easy access to the city thanks to the train. It’s also about 5 minutes from O’Hare Airport.

What to expect

Loews is an upscale, welcoming hotel, though, I’ll be up-front for your traveling with kids – there is no pool. This gorgeous hotel seems to be better suited for travelers flying in and out of O’Hare and business men and women. Still, it’s a lovely place to stay overnight.

Lobby at Loews Chicago O'Hare
The lobby at Loews Chicago O’Hare was immense and had some neat artistic touches.

This particular location has a lot of artwork, from the moment you walk in, even. Floors have their own gallery even.

I spied this cool artwork above a unique bench just walking around the ground floor.

The lobby was chic and I loved the greenery on the walls.

Entrance to the lobby at Loews Chicago O'Hare hotel
This interesting wall is in the entryway of Loews Chicago O’Hare. Those are large rocks hanging from strings. To the right is a wall of green, grass-type stuff.

The service, as was the case in the downtown location, was impeccable. We had breakfast at The Ashburn, the restaurant with an aviation theme inside the hotel, and when we left, they remembered our names to ask how our meal was.

Breakfast place setting at The Asburn, the restaurant at Loews O'Hare
I liked the touch of color at The Ashburn, like this blue coffee mug I got at breakfast.

A word about the restaurant, The Ashburn. We went with the kids to breakfast there, as guests of the hotel. The Ashburn had a kid’s menu, with typical fare like fluffy pancakes, french toast, and eggs.

Salmon and bagel at The Ashburn, the restaurant at Loews O'Hare
My breakfast at Loews O’Hare’s restaurant, The Ashburn. Fresh vegetables, a crisp bagel and lox.

For me, it was a tough call between ordering the buffet or something off the breakfast menu. The buffet had fresh fruits, pastries, quite a few hot dishes, and house-smoked salmon. After a weekend of heavy foods, I decided to get a light breakfast and ordered the salmon. It was a good call. My breakfast was just the right amount of food and tasted great.

Loews Chicago O’Hare Rooms

We stayed in a room with two queen beds and a lounger. The view wasn’t much, but it was also snowing so there wasn’t much visibility anyway.

The beds in our room at Loews Chicago O’Hare.

The size of the room and bathroom was comfortable for a family of four with minimal luggage. There was plenty of closet space, if you needed it.

We ordered room service and ran out of places to sit, besides the bed.

Flavor By Loews Hotels

One of the coolest things a hotel brand can do is to localize the experience when staying at a property. If you’re staying at Loews Chicago O’Hare, you’ll find they’ve made quite an effort to introduce locally-made products in food and drinks.

Filbert blue raspberry and fresh bread in Chicago

Flavor by Loews Hotels is a brilliant way to introduce travelers to local products. Flavor by Loews Hotels is built on partnerships with artisan food & beverage vendors, and its starting to roll out in Loews destinations across the nation. At the Chicago O’Hare Loews, Flavor by Loews Hotels has different brands to try. Filbert’s Old Time Root Beer is available at The Ashburn; Veruca Chocolates boutique chocolates are paired in desserts at The Ashburn and in-room service; and Rare Bird Preserves are served at breakfast and desserts as well as in sauces used in dishes on the menu at The Ashburn and in-room dining.

We found even more products at the Loews Downtown Chicago location. I you’re there, try Chicago Honey Co-op honey in a cocktail at Streeterville Social; cold-pressed juices are available in ETA Restaurant + Bar; and Revolution Brewing’s Zephyr beer is exclusively available at Loews Chicago Hotel in ETA Restaurant + Bar, The Lobby Lounge and Streeterville Social.

Entertainment near the hotel

I suspect that many of the guests staying at the hotel were staying there for one particular reason: It’s very near Fashion Outlets of Chicago. I saw a lot of people passing through the lobby carrying shopping bags from brands like Armani, Guess and Neiman Marcus.

Shoppers in front of the Burberry store at Fashion Outlets of Chicago
The Fashion Outlets of Chicago is located in Rosemont, Ill. The two-level shopping center has more than 130 designer outlets. Photo courtesy Fashion Outlets of Chicago

It’s a huge mall – a 530,000 square-foot, two-level indoor shopping center with more than 130 designer outlets like Gucci and Prada. Anchor stores include Bloomingdale’s The Outlet Store and Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH.

My kids? They liked the Disney Outlet store, in particular.

We went to the mall during the holiday season to meet Santa and tour Santa HQ by HGTV. It’s a high-tech Santa experience, complete with an Elf Academy. If you go, know that it’s open through most of November and closes on Christmas Eve each year.

The view of Santa HQ from the second floor of the Fashion Outlets of Chicago. The seasonal experience is at the mall every November and December.

Doing Santa HQ is about the same price as going to see a regular Santa at the mall, which is to say, not cheap, but when you add in the extras, it’s worth it. Plus, having the ability to make a reservation beats standing in line and waiting.

Loews Chicago O’Hare is also near Parkway Bank Park, a massive entertainment district with up-scale restaurants, bowling, and in the winter, outdoor ice skating. We were in Rosemont during a snow storm and had the hardest time figuring out the parking situation at Parkway. We were trying to have dinner at Hofbräuhaus Chicago, but could not find parking. It was frustrating, and ultimately, we ended up just driving back to the hotel.

Tip: It turns out, our mistake was trying to park in front of the restaurant — there’s very little surface parking, so you just have to park in the nearby, massive parking garage.

If we had more time, there was plenty more for our family to explore, including bowling at Kings Dining & Entertainment, indoor sky diving at iFly, and the free interactive museum, Big Ten Experience.

Looking for a hotel near O'Hare Airport or the Fashion Outlets of Chicago? Here's a look at Loews O'Hare, a place full of art and local flavors. #LoewsPartner #Chicago #familytravel

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January 5, 2019

Nebraska Bingo

Think you know Nebraska? I’ve explored the state from Fort Robinson State Park in western Nebraska to Indian Cave State Park in southeastern Nebraska, and I’ve decided that there’s so much more I’ve yet to see. With the idea that we should get out and explore more, I’ve created this Nebraska Bingo playing card.

How many landmarks can you check off on Nebraska Bingo? I've got more places to visit in this state! #Nebraska #Bingo #travel

I don’t have a Bingo on this card, yet, but it’s going to be my guide for exploring Nebraska from this point on.

Start Planning

There are a few on the list I have written about, so if you want to get some inspiration in order to complete a row in Nebraska Bingo, check out these posts:

Smith Falls – Read about canoeing the Niobrara River, which passes through Smith Falls State Park

Family walking on a trail at Toadstool Geological Park in western Nebraska
Nebraska’s own Badlands, AKA Toadstool Geological Park.

Toadstool Geological Park – An interesting stop during a western Nebraska and South Dakota road trip

Omaha Children’s Museum – I wrote this post about the perks of a family membership long before I started working at the museum, but it still stands. This museum is best for kids ages 8 and younger.

Indian Cave State Park – This scenic park is known for its trails. There is a cave, but it’s not the kind of cave you’re thinking.

Historical re-enactor dressed as a blacksmith at Fort Atkinson in Nebraska
Don’t miss the blacksmith during the re-enactment weekends at Fort Atkinson, located in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. He may even make a little souvenir for your kid.

Fort Atkinson – The best time to visit is during the historical re-enactments. They’re held the first Saturday and Sunday of the month, May through October.

Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium – There are more detailed posts about recently opened exhibits like Asian Highlands and African Grasslands.

Boy looking out from a stagecoach at Fort Robinson State Park in western Nebraska.
When we went to Fort Robinson, the kids weren’t old enough for trail rides, so we settled for a stagecoach ride.

Fort Robinson State Park – This is a one-of-a-kind state park in Nebraska. You won’t find anything like it, with it’s jeep rides, stagecoach rides, trail rides, and unique buildings.

With any luck, I’ll add to this list in the next year or two! I’d love to hear where all you’ve been and if you can yell “BINGO” on the Nebraska Bingo card. Leave a comment!

How many Nebraska landmarks have you visited? #Nebraska #Bingo

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January 4, 2019

Dining With Kids In Chicago

We visited Chicago during the holiday season, and being the kids’ first time in the city, we wanted to go to restaurants to sample some typical Chicago fare, as well as get some unique experiences. Our kids are ages 7 and 9, so I’m coming from the perspective of someone with fairly young, but pretty well-behaved, kids. Here are the highlights:

Great restaurants to try with kids when visiting Chicago - Includes donuts, fine dining, and traditional Chicago fare like deep dish pizza #familytravel #Chicago #Illinois

Tortoise Supper Club

Dinner at the Tortoise Supper Club was, hands down, the most memorable meal for us. Think: White table cloth, attentive servers, and if you’re there late enough on the right night, live jazz music. It doesn’t sound like it’s a place to bring kids to, but it was. Our waiter, Sergio, was particularly kind to the kids.

Exterior of Tortoise Supper Club decorated for Christmas
For a special night out, we dined at the Tortoise Supper Club in downtown Chicago. Photo courtesy Tortoise Supper Club

As guests of the restaurant, we had quite the experience. However, it’s important to note that there is no kid’s menu here (so no lower prices for smaller appetites). Your kids would have to order from the regular menu. One of our kids ordered a cheeseburger, the other went for steak.

Interior shot of the dining room at the Tortoise Supper Club in Chicago
We had dinner at the Tortoise Supper Club in downtown Chicago.

I tried the French onion soup, which was delicious and the kids liked, too. My entree was a special, the short ribs. We were there on Saturday night, which is prime rib night.

The spare ribs at the Tortoise Supper Club.

Dessert was so good. We tried the chocolate tortoise (because, you know, it’s the Tortoise Supper Club) and key lime pie. No kidding, key lime pie is the thing to get.

Chocolate Tortoise dessert at Tortoise Supper Club in Chicago
While the key lime pie was the surprise hit of the dinner at the Tortoise Supper Club, the Chocolate Tortoise cake shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you love chocolate. Photo courtesy Tortoise Supper Club

The Tortoise Supper Club is within walking distance of the hotel we were staying at, Loews Chicago.

Walnut Room

I’d read about Macy’s Walnut Room in Chicago, how it was a grand restaurant inside a department store. When it first opened in Marshall Field, it was the first of its kind. And I’d read about it being decked out for the holidays, so I decided we’d brave the crowds for diner on Black Friday.

Walnut Room dining room Christmas tree inside the Macy's in downtown Chicago
The Walnut Room is a restaurant in Chicago that is truly decked out for Christmas. This was our table’s view of the tree.

Apparently, everyone was done shopping for the day by the time we went, because we had a very short wait.

The dining room was impressive, with a large Christmas tree stealing the show. People stopped by the restaurant just to get pictures in front of it.

You could get the buffet or order off the menu, and since I’d wanted the famous chicken pot pie, I skipped the buffet and ordered that instead. It was a good idea. The restaurant also had a kid’s menu.

A costumed princess and kids in front of the Christmas tree in the Walnut Room
The kids got pictures taken with each of the princess who stopped by our table at the Walnut Room. The princesses granted wishes and gave the kids a small gift (magic stones, according to my daughter).

While we waited for dinner, fairy princesses wandered the dining room, granting wishes to children. It was totally unexpected, so I don’t even know if this is a regular thing or just on the weekends or what. But, it really added to the experience, especially for my daughter.

Giordano’s Pizza

I’ve asked friends in Chicago and the Twitterverse for suggestions on where to get good Chicago pizza. The consensus was that no one could agree. So, we ended up going to the place I hadn’t been to before: Giordano’s. There are several locations in the city, and we ended up at one not too far from The Field Museum.

Giordano's deep dish pizza slice with a local beer
A slice of Giordano’s deep dish pizza and a pint of Goose Island’s 312 Urban Wheat Ale. When in Chicago, right?

It was pretty good, but I’ll be honest, Chicago-style pizza just isn’t my kind of pizza. It’s a lot of crust for me. My kids weren’t enthused about it as I had expected, either.

I’ve also had Gino’s East on previous visits, and the décor there makes it worth a visit in my book.

Breakfast in Chicago

I love breakfast and enjoyed three great breakfasts during our visit. We tried Do-Rite Donuts one morning. This tiny shop always had a little line, and it’s easy to see why. The huge donuts are fresh and delicious. In order to try a few flavors, we split three. The birthday cake and red velvet coconut were my favorites.

Employee adding more donuts to the display at Do-Rite Donuts in Chicago
We went to Do-Rite Donuts for the freshly-made donuts and tasty chicken sandwiches.

We also ordered chicken sandwiches, just to have a little something to keep us satiated. If you’re from Omaha, I’d say the donuts were better than Bob’s Donuts, but I can’t say the same for the chicken sandwiches.

Another memorable breakfast that was within walking distance of the Loews Chicago in the downtown area was Wildberry. We went to the Wildberry near Millennium Park.  The wait to eat at the restaurant on a Saturday morning was, indeed, wild. We opted for outdoor seating and only had to wait 30 minutes.

People dining outside at Wildberry in Chicago
Wildberry is near Millennium Park, and a very popular place for breakfast. So popular, people are fine eating breakfast outside in November.

Yes. Outdoors in November. It worked, though.

The food was really good and filling. The coffee was also exceptional. There is a kid’s menu, too. Items for kids included silver dollar pancakes for $4 or specialty pancakes for $5 (including fresh berry pancakes, Fruity Pebble pancakes, and Oreo s’more pancakes), one egg meal for $5, and a few lunch offerings. Juice or soda are included with that price.

Being near Millennium Park, be sure to walk over to see “Cloud Gate,” AKA The Bean.

Kids playing at a playground in Maggie Daley Park Chicago
We let the kids explore Maggie Daley Park for about an hour after a sugary breakfast. This was just one of the playgrounds there.

And, if the kids are really loaded up on sugar from pancakes at Wildberry, walk a little further to Maggie Daley Park. It might be the most incredible park you’ll ever visit. It’s huge, and it should wear your kids down.

Our other breakfast was in Rosemont, Ill., at The Ashburn. The Ashburn is located inside Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel, and we were guests of the hotel there. For breakfast, you can order off the menu or get the buffet. The buffet had a lot of options, many of them healthy, but we opted to order of the menu. I had house-smoked salmon, which was light and really good. Coffee was also delicious.

House-smoked salmon for breakfast at The Ashurn inside Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel
After having breakfasts of donuts and pancakes at other restaurants, the house-smoked salmon at Ashbury was a welcome sight. It was a light breakfast.

The Ashburn had a kid’s menu, and the fluffy buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes were pretty filling for the kids. I sampled them and they get my approval. Breakfast prices on the kid’s menu ranged from $4 for a fresh fruit bowl or oatmeal, to $7 for bacon and eggs, waffles, pancakes or french toast.

One thing to note about Loews Hotels like the one this restaurant is located in: They source a lot of food and drinks from local businesses. It’s a program called Flavor by Loews.

Restaurants to try with kids when visiting Chicago - Includes donuts, fine dining, and traditional Chicago fare like deep dish pizza #familytravel #Chicago #Illinois

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December 28, 2018

The Iowa Mom Who Designed The Perfect Sports Bra

I’m fine with writing about conquering a ropes course or hiking with my family, but I’ve never thought of writing about the bra I was wearing when doing it. Sports bras were just functional, right? It took wearing a sports bra designed by a woman in Council Bluffs, Iowa, to realize they can be functional and comfortable. Let me tell you about Tamara Brunow and H2W Apparel.

H2W Apparel is a sports apparel line designed for women of all sizes designed by Tamara Brunow. The comfy sports bra zips in the front and has an H-back design. #partner #bra #sportsbra

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by H2W Apparel. I also received complimentary product for the post. All thoughts, opinions and typos are my own.

What is H2W Apparel

H2W Apparel was started by Tamara Brunow, after a particularly crummy 16-day stretch of work in 2011 when the Missouri River had flooded. Brunow owned a construction company, and was raising three kids on her own, so you can imagine those long days both professionally and personally. And long days in an uncomfortable bra is miserable, right?

Tamara Brunow, owner of H2W Apparel.
Tamara Brunow is a single mom and business owner who was tired of uncomfortable bras, so she designed her perfect bra. Photo courtesy H2W Apparel

And one day, she decided there has to be a better bra and if she couldn’t find it, she’d design it. She had the engineering chops and she was a woman who was all too familiar with cute but unbearable bras, so though many trials and errors, she designed the bra that you’ll find in the H2W Apparel line.

The bra has custom-molded cups that offer the support you need but not a total uni-boob look to it (you know how sports bras can be), and a mesh lining that allows the skin to breath. The bra zips in the front, making it easy to take on and off, especially post-workout.

And the design feature that really makes the bra stand out? The bra has a patent-pending ergonomic H-back, which eliminates the annoying strap from slipping down.

“I think you hit a point in your life, you realize the cute things that sell are not functional. “I just want to be comfortable,” said Brunow.

I tried the H2W Sports Bra

Brunow sent me a few of the bras and pants to try out before writing this. I tried out the bra with the H-back, you guys. And, for real, it’s not a bra you immediately want to rip off as soon as you enter your house.

Right before Christmas, I wore it on a 2-mile hike around Hitchcock Nature Center right before Christmas, and then kept it on to do some last-minute shopping that evening. It was comfortable and worked well (plus it didn’t look like I was wearing a sports bra).

The bra for every woman

I want to point out that Brunow intended for her sports apparel to be for every woman, especially the women often overlooked by the sports industry.

“We want women of all sizes to wear our clothes. We want to be an inclusive brand.”

H2W apparel is sports apparel for women of all sizes, with clothes available from Medium to XXL.
H2W Apparel is available in sizes Medium to XXL. Photo courtesy H2W Apparel

When she was designing her bra and researching performance fabrics, she concluded that anyone over a size 12 was pretty much ignored by the sports industry.

“Once you’re beyond a size 12, you’re on a raft by yourself,” Brunow had concluded. So, she set out to change that.

Her bras include sizes that fit women who wear up to a size 24. And she wasn’t done with bras – she went on to design super comfy workout pants, too. Her pants, Gym and Swim, are scaled large so that the XXL works for women in sizes 24-26.

The Gym and Swim should’ve been in my life four months ago when I tried moonlight kayaking. They’re comfy and they’re waterproof. The pants have nylon latex in them, like in swimsuits. And my favorite part, these pants don’t slide down, so no more plumber’s crack. H2W also has soft leggings available.

The colors are limited, just black or gray bras for now, but as the company grows, Brunow will add more colors. She told me she’s had women request a nude or white bra.

In case you’re wondering what H2W stands for (as I was), it stands for Brunow’s personal mantra: “Happy, healthy, whole.”

I love it, don’t you?

Where to buy H2W apparel

You can buy H2W Apparel online and locally in a handful of stores right now. In Omaha, it’s available at Nearly Naked Lingerie at 171st and Center streets, and Karma Yoga at 156th and Dodge streets. In Council Bluffs, you can find apparel at Hello Gorgeous Hair Salon at 1010 S. Main St., suite 500. And, further beyond, products are available at Teal Creek Boutique in Fort Calhoun, Neb.

H2W Apparel New Generation Bra has a front zipper and a patent-pending ergnomic H-back. Photo courtesy H2W Apparel

Online, you’ll find H2W Apparel prices to be pretty reasonable, especially for how comfortable they are. Bras are $60, and pants range from $15 to $25.

If you buy one, let me know what you think of it!

H2W Apparel is a sports apparel line designed for women of all sizes designed by Tamara Brunow. #partner #bra #sportsbra

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December 17, 2018

Family-Friendly Downtown Chicago Hotel Review – Loews

Headed to Chicago and can’t figure out where to stay? I know the feeling. As I planned our family’s holiday getaway to Chicago, I knew I wanted to choose a hotel with a location that was convenient to major attractions, preferably one where we’d feel comfortable walking to said attractions with the kids. The Loews Chicago location fit our needs, plus it had a great package for families to sweeten the deal!

Disclosure: Our stay was hosted by Loews Hotels, though I paid a media rate for our stay. All thoughts, opinions and typos are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Where to stay in downtown Chicago: A review of Loews Chicago #familytravel #Illinois #hosted

What to expect at Loews Chicago

Loews Chicago, I’ve learned, is all about personalizing the experiences. So, no matter who we encountered, from bellhops to the concierge, once they learned your name, they greeted you all the time.  The same was true for our stay at Loews O’Hare.

The lobby at Loews Chicago was charmingly decorated for Christmas.

The downtown Chicago location is in a skyscraper (which is pretty exciting for my kids), with a grand lobby to greet guests. Being downtown, expect to pay for parking – unless you get the Snowed Inn package, in which case, you get free valet parking.

We spent one night in Chicago in our PJs watching a movie in our Loews Chicago hotel room. And it was exactly what our family needed to unwind after a busy day exploring the city.

The entire Loews Hotels brand is kid-friendly and pet-friendly. We saw a lot of dogs during our stay.

Chicago History & Flavor At Loews

One of the coolest things a hotel brand can do is to localize the experience when staying at a property. If you’re staying at either of the Loews Downtown or the Loews O’Hare, keep your eyes peeled to see hints of Chicago in the decor, as well as tasting locally-made products in restaurants and bars. Let’s start with the food and drink.

There’s no doubt where you are when you stay at a Loews location.

Flavor Chicago by Loews Hotels is a brilliant way to introduce travelers to local products. Flavor by Loews Hotels is built on partnerships with artisan food & beverage vendors, and its starting to roll out in Loews destinations across the nation. At the downtown location, try Chicago Honey Co-op honey in a cocktail at Streeterville Social as a honey-infused treatment in the spa; Here cold-pressed juices are available in ETA Restaurant + Bar; and Revolution Brewing’s Zephyr beer is exclusively available at Loews Chicago Hotel in ETA Restaurant + Bar, The Lobby Lounge and Streeterville Social.

On the wall of this elevator at Loews Chicago is Carl Sandburg’s “Chicago” poem.

For architecture in the Downtown Chicago Loews, there are few things to note. First, step into the elevators and find Carl Sandburg’s “Chicago” poem on the walls. In the lobby, it helps to know the design was inspired by two important architects to Chicago, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Louis Sullivan. The two story metal on either side of the fireplace represent train tracks, giving a nod to the importance of the railroad for industry in Chicago. Local artist, Ben Butler, designed a piece of art in the lobby made of wood. It represents the Chicago skyline and the bottom portion  is burned representing The Great Fire (except for the Water Tower, which was the one building that didn’t get destroyed by it).

What kids will like at Loews Chicago

The question every kids asks: Is there a pool? Yes, there is a pool at the Loews Chicago location. It’s on the third floor, and it’s more like a long lap pool. It still suits the needs of most kids.

No hot tub, so, sorry Mom and Dad.

View from Loews Chicago facing Navy Pier at night
We could see Navy Pier from our hotel room at Loews Chicago. In the day time, you can see Lake Michigan, too.

Kids are going to like the views from the room, at least, our view was impressive. We had a view of Navy Pier and Lake Michigan from our 14th floor room.

The Snowed Inn package at Loews Chicago included set up of a little tent and campfire set to play with.

Kids will also like the extras that come with the Snowed Inn package, particularly the hot cocoa. My kids were not too impressed with the cookies that came with it, though. They had some raisins in them.

What parents will like at Loews Chicago

I’m not going to lie, having complimentary valet parking with the Snowed Inn package was a huge perk. There are also discounts at the restaurant and spa included with the package.

Loews Chicago was in a prime location for our plans in downtown Chicago. 

I liked the hotel’s location, being so near all of the things we wanted to see and do: We walked to Millennium Park, for instance. And, places like the Field Museum were about an $8 cab ride away. We weren’t far from CTA stops, either.

If you’ve never used Chicago’s mass transit, the concierge is super helpful telling you which stops to go to for things. He also gave us some tips for a good route to just ride the train for the heck of it (if you have kids, you understand this).

More things to know about Loews Chicago

This hotel has a restaurant called ETA and lobby bar, but do not expect complimentary breakfast or a free happy hour. However, with the Snowed Inn package, you do get 20% off at ETA. We didn’t dine there, so I can’t tell you much about the restaurant.

ETA is located just off the lobby of Loews Chicago.

If you go

Loews Chicago

Where: 455 N. Park Drive, Chicago, Ill.

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Visiting Chicago and looking for a family-friendly hotel? Check out this review of Loews Chicago, a hotel located within walking distance of popular attractions. #Chicago #familytravel #WindyCity #hosted