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Funny Gifts That Say You’re Glad 2020 Is Over

I’ve never done an end-of-the-year post like this, but 2020 wasn’t like other years. It was hard for all of us. In that spirit, this post is all about “Goodbye 2020” and “Hello 2021.” These items express my feelings so well. Sure, you can gift one of these to a friend, but don’t forget to treat yourself. 

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Funny 2020 T-shirt
Photo courtesy Orchid Shirts

Ah yes, 2020. The year of toilet paper shortages. I think it would be totally acceptable to wear this “Goodbye 2020” shirt on Dec. 31.

2020 champaign flutes
Photo courtesy Crazy Lovely

If you’re old enough for a champagne toast (and aren’t most of you?), then have the last bubbly of 2020 be in a memorable glass. I love this pair of glasses I found on Etsy. They say “Peace out 2020” and “Hello 2021.”

Funny 2021 face masks
Photo courtesy Simply Joy Studios

Face masks, they’re so 2020. I love the funny variety of 2020 face masks offered by this Etsy seller.

If you’re going to be around people outside your household/pod, then why not share your feelings about the New Year through your face mask?

2020 red ornament
Photo courtesy Squirrel Cut Designs

If you gift ornaments each year to a friend or family member, 2020 is going to require an ornament that will have to be created with humor. Here’s the “Buh bye 2020” ornament I liked. It’s a little bit nostalgic for the old days of “SNL”, no?

2020 toilet paper Christmas ornament
Photo courtesy RexRoi 3D Printing Manufacturing

Somehow, a roll of toilet paper seems like the best idea for an ornament this year. It’s definitely a gift that will get a laugh. And, I bet if you bought yourself one, you’ll smile each year when you put it on the tree.

Or maybe you’ll have a pained grimace. I don’t know.

More 2020 ornaments: Check out this Etsy gift guide for stocking stuffers – it has quite a few 2020 ornaments!

2021 Tshirt
Photo courtesy Sunflower Tees Co.

Here’s another fun, end-of-2020 T-shirt to add to your collection. This one is made by Sunflower Tees Co. and riffs off “Fight Club.”

The front of a gift card
Photo courtesy The Modern Wit

This great card comes in an identical set of 8 cards. Send them to the friends you can’t be with on New Year’s Eve. You’ll definitely make them laugh.

2021 Tea Towel
Photo courtesy Second Floor Please

This 2021 tea towel is a fun gift for yourself or for someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. It reads “Before I agree to 2021, I need to see some terms and conditions!”

2020 can cozie
Photo courtesy Laughing Armadilla

I think I need a can cozie like this one. This 2020 review cozie would also be a fun gift for a group of friends (you can choose different colors).

Funny 2020 wine labels
Photo courtesy Tipsy Labels

This 2020 wine label is a funny gift for the wine lover in your life. Note: The price doesn’t include wine. 🙂

Maybe this would be a great teacher gift, now that I think of it…

2021 Gift box
Photo courtesy Confetti Gifts Co.

And finally, the always popular gift to send: A gift box. This gift box by Confetti Gifts Co., of course, has a 2021 twist to it. I rather like the cocktail mug. Ha!

Funny gifts that celebrate the end of 2020 and the start of 2021.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.