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Kids Bowl Free

Who here likes to bowl? Who here likes any family outing that’s free for kids? If you answered yes to either of those, head on over to the Kids Bowl Free website. This annual and legit deal involves select bowling centers and schools around the United States (and some in Canada). It’s “designed to give …

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Dad-Approved Outings in Omaha

My husband sometimes pokes fun at me because he suspects I may be an 80-year-old stuck in a 30-something’s body. On more than one occasion, I’ve planned dates to places where we were the youngest in the building by 40 years. So I question my judgement on things sometimes. When it comes to this blog, I …

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Fine Dining With Kids – Is There A Worse Idea?

Grammy and Grampy love their grandkids so much, it clouds their judgement. Take, for example, going out to eat with our kids. Grammy thinks Farley and Mooch are not only geniuses (they are), but also great dinner companions. So, she invites us out to dinner. She picks places she knows I’d like – yummy! – …

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