Saving Time Grocery Shopping In Omaha

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Walmart Grocery. I was compensated for using the service and writing about it on the blog. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Walmart grocery pickup reserved parking spot
Mom on the run.

The week leading up to Thanksgiving is going to be a busy one. Meal planning. Grocery shopping. House cleaning. I add on top of that: Work, book writing, blog writing, and oh yeah, parenting.

And because I can’t deal with down time well, I will also be delivering Thanksgiving meals for Open Door Mission’s annual Drumsticks on Wheels on Nov. 19 (sign up to volunteer for that here) and attending a preview of The Rose’s “Prancer” (which opens to the public Nov. 25).

Between all that running around, I buy food to feed my family (imagine that!). So, I’ve learned a quick and easy way to check grocery shopping off my list while exploring our city: Walmart’s FREE grocery pickup service.

What I learned about Walmart grocery pickup

I was invited to try Walmart’s grocery pick-up service and share my experience with you. Here’s what I learned:

The beauty of grocery shopping online - I'm wearing pajamas.
The beauty of grocery shopping online – I’m wearing pajamas.

1. It’s easy to shop for groceries online. Head to Walmart Grocery website to see for yourself. The search function made it simple to move down my list and add items. The only qualm I have is that instead of being able to select the quantity of produce, say six apples, I had to select by pound. And I am clueless to how much six apples weigh.

2. You’re going to be asked to select the Walmart location to pick up your groceries. They’re spread out all over Omaha, Council Bluffs and Bellevue, that’s the good thing. The bad thing is that none were really near Midtown, my home turf. Still, driving 7 miles to Council Bluffs was no big deal. Beats walking up and down aisles for 45 minutes, right?

3. You need an idea of your schedule to plan on your pick-up time. That should be easy, but my kids love throwing a wrench into my plans. In an ideal world, you’d load your virtual cart, select your store for pick-up, pay and select the next available time that day to get your groceries. It didn’t work out for me that way. I was hoping to squeeze pick up between Saturday errands, but all pick up times that day were filled up, so I had to select pick up for the following morning. Keep that in mind and plan ahead.

Walmart free grocery pickup service in the Omaha metro area
The free Walmart grocery pickup service means you don’t really have to get out of the car to get your groceries – good to know once winter weather arrives.

4. Walmart loads the groceries for you. I called 10 minutes before arriving at Walmart, to give them a heads up to gather my stuff, and then I called when we arrived to have them bring everything out. Larry brought my groceries out and loaded them into my car. You know what’s going to be great in the winter? Staying in the car while Larry loads my groceries. I think Larry’s the greatest.

5.  The fresh food they pick out for you is truly fresh. If you’re a produce snob, like me, relax. I ordered apples, pears, spinach, bananas and parsley and everything Walmart picked out for me measured up to my standards. I checked as soon as I got home. I wouldn’t have been able to pick fresher looking fruits. No bruises, no gross spots.

Here's some of the fresh fruit I ordered from for easy store pickup.
Here’s some of the fresh fruit I ordered from for easy store pickup.

6. The grocery pick-up service is FREE. You’ll need to purchase a minimum of $30 of groceries.

Want to try Walmart Pickup in Omaha?

Here are the Omaha/Council Bluffs participating Walmart locations that have grocery pickup:

  • 18201 Wright St.
  • 6960 W. Maple Road
  • 8525 S. 71st Plaza, Papillion, Neb.
  • 10504 S. 15th St., Bellevue, Neb.
  • 1800 N. 16th St., Council Bluffs, Iowa
Shop online for groceries and then just pick them up at a designated time and location at one of the participating Walmarts in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area.
Shop online for groceries and then just pick them up at a designated time and location at one of the participating Walmarts in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area.

Start shopping at the Walmart Grocery website today! Don’t forget – it’s FREE to use the pickup service. Sorry, friends, your groceries are not free, just the pickup service.

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