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Kim’s note: This is the 17th installment in a series introducing different voices from around Omaha. Each week Whenever I can, I’ll introduce a different Omaha blogger, what his or her blog is all about, and since I love getting recommendations as much as I love giving them, I’ve asked each person to share some Omaha tips. Today’s blogger, Sarah, is all about good food and she shares her finds on her blog and on Yelp. Hope you enjoy getting to know all the bloggers from Omaha!

Sarah Eats Omaha

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Name: Sarah Gudeman
Blog: Sarah Eats Omaha
Find her everywhere at: @saraheatsomaha

Describe your blog in five words.
Eating and writing about restaurants.


What are the two most popular posts on your blog?

Sarah doing what food bloggers do best.
Sarah doing what food bloggers do best.


Badges, we don’t need no stinkin’ badges 
My favorite restaurants

One is like the ultimate summary post of my favorite Omaha restaurants… What’s not to love about that??

The other is information about Yelp check-in badges for mobile. When I posted this there wasn’t a lot of information online about them.


What social media channel are you on the most and why?

Facebook, because I’m old-school apparently. I also love Instagram and will admit I’m a little AWOL when it comes to Twitter.


You get one hour to spend on writing, where in Omaha do you go?

Legend Comics and Coffee. Buy comics, drink coffee, and have lunch at J. Coco after!


If friends visit from out of town, what three places would you take them to?

Depends on their tastes… Let’s say The Grey Plume, Sushi Japan, Block 16.


What’s your favorite free thing to do in Omaha?

Walking around my Dundee neighborhood. Or, any number of free Yelp Elite events I’m fortunate to attend!


More about Sarah

Sarah, the food-lover behind the blog, Sarah Eats Omaha.
Sarah, the food-lover behind the blog, Sarah Eats Omaha.

I’m just a food fan. A lover of all things delicious. A self-labeled gastronome. And, by others definition, a foodie. I started this blog to share some of that love with the world.


Want to be a featured Omaha blogger? Send me an email at ohmyomaha (at) gmail (dot) com!

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