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Kim’s note: This is the 12th installment in a series introducing different voices from around Omaha. Each week Whenever I can, I’ll introduce a different Omaha blogger, what his or her blog is all about, and since I love getting recommendations as much as I love giving them, I’ve asked each person to share some Omaha tips. I’m keeping the momentum up from last week, featuring another ultra fashionable blogger – Leah at The Bauble Blog. I think of her as the woman with envy-inducing accessories. Hope you enjoy getting to know Omaha bloggers!


The Bauble Blog


Name: Leah Buller

Blog’s name and link: The Bauble Blog 

Find Leah at: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook


Describe your blog in five words. Fun, Fashion, Vintage, Omaha, Me


What are the two most popular posts on your blog? What makes them so good? Two of my most popular posts feature local Omaha shops that sell great vintage clothes and unique fashion and accessories. I think they are my most popular posts because most of the people who read my blog are looking for new style inspiration and fashion ideas and it’s always fun to read about what’s new and who is up and coming in Omaha.


What social media channel are you on the most and why? Right now I am really focusing on Twitter and Instagram. I love Instagram because you can really get your point across with a great image and then easily send that image to many other social channels. With fashion and accessories, it’s all about having a great picture that really catches the eye. Plus I love surfing Instagram for photo inspiration and great fashion. Some of my current favorite clothing finds were purchased right off Instagram. It’s fun…and dangerous.


You get one hour to spend on writing, where in Omaha do you go? If I had an hour to myself, which is rare, I would head to anywhere with free Wi-Fi and Diet Coke on tap. If they have baked goods then that’s a home run. You’ll find me at Brueggars Bagels mostly, but Stories is also another great place to hang out and put down your thoughts.


If friends visit from out of town, what three places would you take them to? That is really hard because there are so many great things happening in Omaha. I would have to say downtown Old Market, Benson Brewery or 1912 in Benson, maybe catch a show at one of Omaha’s great live music venues and of course the Henry Doorly Zoo, an Omaha must see! That’s more than three, but I couldn’t help myself.


What’s your favorite free thing to do in Omaha? The Summer Arts Festival is something I look forward to every summer. I just love walking around downtown, listening to the great music and checking out all the amazing art. It’s always a good time.


More about Leah

Leah, the Omaha blogger who writes The Bauble Blog
Leah, the Omaha blogger who writes The Bauble Blog

Created in spring 2014, The Bauble Blog began as a way for me to share my love for vintage jewelry and has since morphed into an all around fashion blog reporting on current trends and style inspiration along with vintage finds and local events. One main objective of The Bauble Blog is to promote local proprietors and fashion talent who make fashion their business in Omaha. I want everyone to be aware of the fashionable possibilities right in our fantastic city.


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