Try The Buffalo At Dakotah Steakhouse in Rapid City

Dakotah Steakhouse is one of those restaurants that gets high ratings on travel and food sites and you wonder, is it really that good?

Yes, yes it is.

Dakotah Steakhouse is in Rapid City, South Dakota.
Dakotah Steakhouse is in Rapid City, South Dakota.

This Rapid City, South Dakota, restaurant was located across the parking lot from our hotel during our recent stay. The city’s tourism office said it was a place I ought to check out, so they gave me a gift card and off I went with the family.

What to expect

Coolest restaurant art I've seen in a long: The Dakotah buffalo. Side note, order a buffalo dish here.
Coolest restaurant art I’ve seen in a long: The Dakotah buffalo. Side note, order a buffalo dish here.

This was the nicest place we dined at during our Western Nebraska/South Dakota road trip. While you may want to pack something a little nice to wear for dinner, it’s also in a city that attracts tourists, so you won’t be turned away if all you have are shorts, a clean shirt and flip flops. But, I felt more comfortable having changed out of my sweaty, touristy day clothes.

The restaurant has a lodge feel, with a huge fireplace and wood throughout. It was cozy though it actually was quite a spacious restaurant.

The view inside Dakotah Steakhouse. Not super dressy, right?
The view inside Dakotah Steakhouse. Not super dressy, right?

It’s the kind of place that you want to sit back and take your time, perhaps order a bottle of red. Which we did… but we couldn’t sit back and relax because the kids were with us. And it was taking too long for their food to get to the table and they were a ticking time bomb of impatience. Kids…

It is fairly kid-friendly. There is a kids menu and with some activities on it (for kids older than my own). However, it’s like any other steakhouse I’ve been to, in that it takes time to prepare the food.

It’s a great place for a date night, but come prepared to entertain your kids if you’re bringing them along.

What to order

Obviously, the steak is a big draw; it is a steakhouse. But we’re in South Dakota so you kinda have to try the buffalo, right? The buffalo served here is provided by local ranchers.

I was given great advice to try the buffalo skewers, which my whole family scarfed down. Get yourself some of that when you visit!

Buffalo skewers are so good you won't want to share.
Buffalo skewers are so good you won’t want to share.

Entrees: I got a few recommendations of great dishes, from the walleye dinner to the buffalo ribeye, to the elk ravioli. I went for something I couldn’t find in Omaha, and got the ravioli – it was so good!

Mr. Wonderful ordered a KC strip, which the kids ate half of.

For sides, we both got the Three Sisters Soup, and I recommend that one. To come with my dish, I ordered asparagus wrapped in bacon, which is as good as it sounds, and Mr. Wonderful got mashed sweet potatoes. We ordered an additional side to share with the kids, fried macaroni and cheese, and it was hands down, the favorite.

Stuffed, we had no room for dessert.


It’s going to be more than most stops for a traveling family, that’s for certain, but most stops aren’t going to be at a steakhouse, amiright? If you splurge on one meal on your South Dakota vacation, you can’t go wrong here.

And get the buffalo.

If you go

Dakotah Steakhouse

Where: 1325 N. Elk Vale Road, Rapid City, South Dakota


* * * * *

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