10 Secrets Of Omaha Libraries

Your local library. You hit it up for free books, a storytime here and there, maybe a free DVD or CD to mix things up at home.

Farley and Mooch have been frequent visitors to a couple branches of the Omaha Public Library from a very young age.
Farley and Mooch have been frequent visitors to a couple branches of the Omaha Public Library from a very young age.

If that about sums up your family’s experience with the library, this post’s for you.

Here are some things you might not know is available – for free – at a nearby library.

1. Yoga for kids – Yoga is used to bring stories to life at the A.V. Sorenson branch. It’s recommended for preschoolers and grade schoolers.

2. Acting classes – Elementary school-aged kids can take story acting classes with a local storyteller at the Charles B. Washington branch.

3. Movies – Several branches offer family-friendly movie screenings (and free popcorn, yum!).

4. Video games – Head to the Millard and South Omaha branched if your older kids want to play video games.

5. Lego Club – The name pretty much says it all, right? Check out this club at the Saddlebrook and Sorenson branches

6. For budding engineers – If your little one finds building materials in your kitchen cabinets and hall closet, here’s an activity for him or her. The Millard branch has a class for small architects where they’ll build, erect, sculpt and create things with provided materials. Children younger than 5 must be supervised by parent or guardian.

7. Arts & Crafts – Several branches offer crafting opportunities for all ages, even teens. Check to see when yours has one. Many pair it with storytime.

8. Writing workshops – For teens bitten by the writing bug, have them check out the Teen Writers Workshop at Saddlebrook..

9. Character visits – Few things excite children more than meeting their favorite literary or movie characters in real life. Check the Omaha Public Library’s calendar for the next visit (and don’t forget to bring your camera).

10. Storytimes – You probably already knew about these, but did you know the extent of what they offered? Storytimes offered at various branches are signed, bilingual, infant, stay-at-home dad, read with dogs, tied into crafts (these aren’t offered all at once … could you imagine what a bilingual infant dog storytime would be like?). Most branches offer toddler-specific and preschooler specific storytimes. If you’re going to one of these, stick to your kid’s age group just so he or she gets the most out of it. A few years ago, I brought Farley to one and he was very timid around the bigger kids. But you know your kids so if they could give two farts about sitting next to a Big Kid, then pay no attention to me.

To find when and where these activities are held, visit the Omaha Public Library’s website.

Please share your favorite offering at your neighborhood library! What am I missing?

P.S. If you want ideas on how to raise a reader, visit my Pinterest board. I’ve found some great ideas online!

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