May 12, 2015

Imagination Movers + Loessfest Details

Mr. Rogers meets Beastie Boys.

That’s the Imagination Movers as described by Rich Collins, one of its members.

I’m leery music labeled “kids music.” I stay clear of it and just play for my kids music from bands I like. But then a band like Imagination Movers comes along and I start to wonder if I’m a little too anti-kids music.


The songs are good. The songs are fun and don’t pander to my kids.

And this band? They have The New York Times saying their music “evokes the Beastie Boys or Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

This band might just make me go to a kids music concert. Willingly.

Mark your calendars and join me at Imagination Movers are playing at Loessfest this May 29 – Disney Day. Details below.

“As parents ourselves, we know how many responsibilities you have – bills to be paid, emails to check, beds to make – and we know it’s a lot easier to do nothing,” said Rich Collins. “We feel like the moment when we look out into the crowd and see a mother and father and son and daughter rocking out together, jumping up together, it’s a moment that’s very special to the kids. … Take a moment to enjoy the show, we promise it’s an hour of a lot of fun.”

If you haven’t heard of these guys, I’m not yanking their leg when I say it’s music parents will gladly play – and dance to – with their kids.

Grab any one of their nine albums and have a listen. Notice something un-kid like about them?  Pop-punk sensibility is what Collins calls it.

There’s a little bit of everything I love in their music – indie, alt-country, punk stuff.

imagination movers - blue

Collins is one of four friends (and dads) who created Imagination Movers back in 2003. Collins and the guys –  Scott Durbin, Dave Poche and Scott “Smitty” Smith – thought kids wanted and deserved music that spoke to them, not down to them.

Through hard work, the friends built a kid music empire. The Movers partnered with Disney in 2007 and filmed three seasons of their Emmy Award-winning series. The show airs in more than 55 countries and they’ve sold half a million CDs and DVDs to date.

Their newest release, “Licensed to Move” features the anthemic “Summer,” which I’ve only heard once and the dang song has been in my head ever since.

I’m pretty sure they’ll play that when they’re in Council Bluffs. Rich said it’s one of their go-to songs, “written from the perspective of a kid. It’s the perfect anthem.”

They have quite a few high-energy, go-to songs, actually.

They’re known for their live shows and the key to making a great live show that entertains kids? Interaction.

“It’s absolutely fundamental to play songs that give people a chance to participate,” said Collins.

Jump up, get down, stand up

Turn around, turn around, turn around

Turn around

Know those lyrics?

You and your kids will be doing that at the show. “Jump Up” is played at the end of every episode of “Imagination Movers,” so pretty much, expect that at the finale of the concert.

By the end of things, with any luck at least, you’ll have an exhausted child sleeping on the way home. Collins cautioned, though: You may also have that same child banging on pots and pans all week after the show.

A concert during Loessfest in 2014.

A concert during Loessfest in 2014. There should be plenty of room for a family to dance during the Imagination Movers’ concert on May 29.


Disney Day events

Where: Tom Hanafan Park at Rivers Edge (on the CB side of the pedestrian bridge)

When: May 29

** Tip: You can get there early, lay down a blanket to claim your spot, then head over to the Taste of Omaha until the concert is about to begin.

5 p.m. – Appearance by Darth Vadar and enter to win movie tickets to “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.”

7 p.m. – Disney Junior presents Imagination Movers live in concert.

9 p.m. – Watch Disney’s “Big Hero 6” on the big screen outdoors



The rest of Loessfest lineup:

Saturday, May 23 – Chicago: Saturday in the Park

Sunday, May 24 – Omaha Symphony and fireworks

Monday, May 25 – Picnic in the park

Tuesday, May 26 – The Second City Comedy Event

Wednesday, May 27 – Movie in the Park: Jaws

Thursday, May 28 – Throwback Thursday with Recaptured

Friday, May 29 – Disney Day featuring Imagination Movers and “Big Hero 6”

Friday, May 29 & Saturday, May 30 – Taste of Omaha

Saturday, May 30 – Mini Maha and Bike the Bluffs

Sunday, May 31 – Golffest


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