Crescent Moon: Casual Date Night

Last week, before we went to “Alton Brown Live,” Mr. Wonderful and I had dinner at Crescent Moon.

We call it our “Winchester.”

We don’t go there very often now that we have kids and feel old. But once in a blue moon, I don’t have anything left on my “must visit” restaurant list, and we’re faced with a date night and no reservation. So we head to Crescent Moon.

Crescent Moon is a beer lover's kind of place. No dressing up required (or recommended).
Crescent Moon is a beer lover’s kind of place. No dressing up required (or recommended).

It’s comfortable to us. We know exactly what we’ll order (a veggie melt for me, a chicken sandwich for him, a good beer on tap for both of us).

The two of us have been going to Crescent Moon since our early dating days when we drank too much beer and killed it playing trivia. We hosted our very first fundraiser there (anyone remember the beer tasting, Taste for a Cure?). We’ve celebrated birthdays there, as well as Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve and Oktoberfest.

Do you have a “Winchester”?

A “Winchester” is that date night spot that isn’t romantic.

A romantic plate of fries and grilled veggie melt. Swoon.
A romantic plate of fries and grilled veggie melt. Swoon.

The grub is bar food, and most people have their eyes trained on a TV. But, you love it all the same.

Last Thursday, there wasn’t even a question whether or not we’d go to Crescent Moon. It’s not like we’d forgotten to make reservations somewhere else. It had been so long since just the two of us had been there … it was almost like we had to catch up with an old friend.

Your turn: Share your favorite date night restaurant that isn’t a typical date night restaurant.


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10 thoughts on “Crescent Moon: Casual Date Night”

    • I always knew Jeff was a cool guy with great taste. 🙂 It would be so fun to be a college student living next to the Crescent Moon! Fun but all too tempting.

  1. That looks like a great place! I’ve never been there. We don’t go on nearly enough dates.

    Basically at our house it’s like we both have 2 jobs. Sad, but true. I teach at an art college, and my husband is a dental tech. He makes jewelry, and sculpture on the side. I blog, and do a lot of product reviews. Then of course the kids take time to. We need to slow down. Things should get better after this week. My husband’s two back to back art shows will be done. He got done with Artist Inc this week to. He’s talking about residency programs though. That would require him to be away for a few weeks at a time.

    I think we need a date night.

    You asked about the Lego Club at the library. My youngest is 6, but I saw 3 year old’s there. You of course just need to watch them. We go to the one at the Abraham branch, which is 90th and Fort. They also have Reading with Rosie on Sundays. That is reading with trained dogs. I haven’t been to that, but I know what it is. My kids had Reading with Rosie come to their school 2 years ago. They loved it.

    • We caught Rosie the dog at that location once! She’s a great dog. Thanks for letting me know about the age range of the Lego Club – I’ll feel much better taking him there.

      Yes, you guys need a night off, especially if he does a residency program!


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