September 23, 2014

Things To Do Near Lincoln Children’s Museum

Today’s another installment in a series about Lincoln, Neb., and the fun things you can do there with your family. Read the entire trip recap here.


Let’s say you’re planning a trip to the Lincoln Children’s Museum, but you figure you might as well do a little bit of exploring while you’re down there. Make that hour drive worthwhile, right?

Lincoln CollageWM

Here are a couple of ideas within walking distance of the museum (though, I’ll be honest, with little kids, you may want to drive to some of the places on the university campus).

The museum is located in downtown Lincoln, not far from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. This campus is nice enough to walk around, and it has a few buildings you may want to check out with the kids.

The hall of mammoths at Morrill Hall on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The hall of mammoths at Morrill Hall on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Our favorite is Morrill Hall, the state’s natural history museum. If you visit that museum with young children, don’t forget to head to the Science Discovery area in the basement – it’s full of hands-on activities for little ones.

Three other options recommended to in a recent guest post are The Sheldon Museum of ArtKiechel Fine Art Gallery and International Quilt Study Center & Museum. (see that original post about Lincoln here)

You’ll find a lot of dining options in downtown Lincoln, particularly on O Street. Right near the museum, you’ll find the chain restaurant Jersey Mike’s, which offers a free kids meal with the purchase of an adults meal when you show them your children’s museum admission sticker. You could go local, and try the pizza place Lazzari’s at 1434 O St.


Your turn: For those of you from Lincoln or familiar with the city, what are some of your favorite places in downtown Lincoln? Give me your best restaurant recommendations!


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  1. When I was a kid, we used to love to see the train and fountain in Iron Horse Park in the Haymarket. Of course, it’s completely different down there now, but the train and fountain are still there! My favorite places to eat downtown are Bison Witches and Doozy’s. Both are sandwich places with kid friendly options.

    • You mention all things that I’ve never heard of! Wish I could time travel and ask for your tips a few weeks ago. I’ll check these out next time. Thanks!

    • Kelly – I happened to be at a function at the Train Station last night and I was able to take the kids over to that fountain and to play on the trains. Thank you for pointing that out! I had no idea that was there.

      • Glad you liked it! My dad worked for BNSF and had his office just on the other side of that park (before the actual railyard was torn up for the arena), so we spent a lot of time there. They used to also have a mini train crossing set up, with a signal and bar, that they would run for special events. Lots of fun for kids who were into trains.

  2. You know, I really love going to Lincoln. Their campus is prettier than ours is. I like most of their museums more so to.

  3. The new Union Plaza park development has a great Children’s Garden. You would want to drive, but it is worth checking out on a nice day.

  4. The Nebraska state history museum is across the street from the Lincoln Children’s Museum. Currently they are closed for a year for remodeling. But normally they are a great stop. Their investigation station for kids is fantastic.

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