February 18, 2014

Lies About The Most Relaxing Song Ever

I’ve been thinking about music and my kids lately.

I wrote a guest post at Liv Laugh Love about my daughter’s obsession with one song, “Downtown,” that’s slowly driving me insane: http://ow.ly/tHIy8

This is the only song that seems to sooth her. I’d like a backup. Something to add to the mix so my eye stops twitching.

What I need is the most relaxing song for a toddler. What is it?

Have you heard about “the most relaxing song ever”? There was a real study done about it. They concluded this was it:


It works on me. I play it for my kids some nights (and on some road trips) hoping to get them to zonk out and it only succeeds in turning me into a drooling mess. A relaxed, drooling mess. We can’t play it while we’re driving in the car anymore.

My kids, meanwhile, seem impervious to the tune.

So, I want some ideas from you. What relaxing songs do you play for your toddlers and preschoolers?

I’ve found what works on my 4-year-old, Farley.

As with most dealings with my kids, he always seems easier to figure out than his little sister.

A little Beatles music and this kid can fall asleep.

A little Beatles music and this kid can fall asleep.

I highly recommend the Rockabye Baby series (Check them out at Rockabye Baby! CD List). I usually play this Beatles CD for Farley at night.

The only song that seems to get Mooch to slow down is “Downtown.” I don’t think I can take much more Petula, so please share some soothing tunes!

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