January 31, 2014

Kid Tattoos I Approve Of + Giveaway

I got some Safety Tats in the mail and they are so smart, I kick myself for not having found them sooner.

Safety Tats are temporary tattoos for your kids that can be personalized. So, say your kid has an allergy and he’s going to be a birthday party – slap on a customized tat that states his allergies and send him on his merry way.

But, even more brilliant, in my opinion, are the ones for your contact phone number. If you have a “runner” like my little Mooch, you know that panicky feeling when you lose sight of a kid in a crowd.  Mooch can’t tell a helpful adult how to call me, but her tat can.

So smart.

So the tattoos I received were these nifty quick stick write-on Safety Tattoos. They’re water-proof and last up to two weeks (next family vacation, I’m using them). It comes with a pen and skin prep wipes (so no water is needed).

tatThe theme is a zoo pack, so each has a cute animal picture. Mooch will want the Oo Oo Ah Ah one (that’s toddler-ese for monkey).

Safety Tat has branched into other kid-friendly tattoo designs that you should check out (as well as some for seniors). They have some fun ones for Valentine’s Day (check them out here and here) as well as tattoo kisses that work even on beyond Feb. 14.

Safety Tattoos Valentines DayThink your little one would love some Valentine’s Day tattoos? We’re giving away a package of Valentine Tats and a package of Tat Kisses to one lucky winner.

t1kiss01Contest ends Feb. 7 so you can get your tattoos in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample of Safety Tattoos for my review. All opinions expressed are mine.



  1. If I could put a kid’s nickname on the tat, I’d put “Big E”…it makes me giggle b/c my youngest was such a BIG baby. 😀

  2. Love the Zoo pack.

  3. hmmm… not sugar loaded and fun. I’m in! These would make a special treat for Valentine’s Day!

    • (How do you work this thing?!) nicknames… As awarded by the older to the younger “Stinky” Cracks me up every time!

  4. AAcuties they are my kids’ initials.

  5. I’d put Meemers on my daughter and Magoo on my son.

  6. My two boys would be Pooper and Meathead. My daughter would be Honey Bunny Princess.
    They were all given these names by their daddy and they love them.

  7. Awesome idea!! Who would have ever thought of that!

  8. My daughters would say G-Unit!

  9. My in-laws call my daugher Peanut. I call her Pumpkin. My son is Wessie.

  10. Liv <3

  11. Well, I suppose for my son, I would put, “Lil’ Buddy.” My 4 year daughter would be, “Mama’s Side Kick.” My one year old daughter would be, “Baby Girl.”

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