January 20, 2014

7 Healthy Dates In Omaha

Date nights for me and Mr. Wonderful usually falls into two categories, both involving eating: Trying out a new place on my Omaha bucket list or going to a favorite restaurant (usually the Crescent Moon). Regardless of where we go, we’ll have a little wine or a really good beer.

But, it’s a new year and it’s time to think differently. One thing we’ve been meaning to do is have healthier date nights – we don’t have to have delicious, Belgian beer or a glass of red every time we find a babysitter, right?

Here are some healthy alternatives to dinner and a movie. Not all of them are things I could see us doing, but I’m listing them because others would.

Healthy Dates In Omaha

whole foodsCooking Class – Mr. Wonderful and I loved attending cooking classes at the now-closed Classy Gourmet. It was hands-on. More of a spectator class, the ones offered at Whole Foods are still a good choice to learn new techniques and try new foods. Be selective, some classes feature delicious but not necessarily “light” food. Also, know you can bring purchased drinks into the class; while it’s nice to sip and learn, it starts defeating the purpose if you’re downing a six-pack. I’ve also attended cooking classes at Hy-Vee. While I learned things, I wouldn’t say it’d make a great date night.

Couples Yoga – This was a suggestion by my yoga teacher at the Y. As much as I enjoy yoga, I foresee us giggling at each other during something like this. If you’re more mature than us, you can try it out. The place the guy suggested is by Westroads Mall and I could not find a class listed there, but other places around Omaha offer a Valentine’s Day couples class. Check out Lotus House of Yoga for one such option.

Mr. Wonderful took this photo of me during a walk the two of us took at Zorinski Park. It's one of my favorites!

Mr. Wonderful took this photo of me during a walk the two of us took at Zorinski Park. It’s one of my favorites!

Hikes – I’ve written about this before, but I’ll say it again, I love hikes. Mr. Wonderful and I used to pack picnics for our hikes. And we’d try to find new trails. Someday, maybe the two of us can go out and do that again. Our favorite spot is actually 20 miles outside of Omaha, but you can find trails closer to home.

Ice skating – This city has a lot of options for ice skating. Head to a place like the Moylan Iceplex on a Saturday night for a DJ and party lights to make skating in circles a little more interesting.

Skating – Remember couple skating in junior high? Sure you do. Relive that awkwardness with Adult Retro NIght at Skate Daze.  Granted, it’s on Tuesday nights – not real practical for parents – but it’s an 18 and older night and sounds kinda fun. I think it’d be less weird if you went with a group.

Skiing – If you’re outdoorsy types and don’t mind the cold, you can head about 20 minutes north east of Omaha to Mt. Crescent. I haven’t been there an ages, but in the last few years, new management has come in. You can take a break from skiing at the renovated lodge that’s home to the Mountain Cafe & Bar. Being me, I’d stay indoors but there is an outside firepit and where you can roast marshmallows.

Trampolines – I took a workout class with friends at Defy Gravity and had a fun time. This strikes me more of a young couple’s kind of date night. We old folks can’t handle this kind of thing.

Your turn: What’s your favorite healthy date night in Omaha?

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