December 6, 2013

Painting With Vino Van Gogh + Giveaway

Early this week, I was invited to a night of painting (and wine, never forget the wine) by Vino van Gogh. The convenient thing about Vino van Gogh is that it’s a roving art experience, so you can find a location that’s close to your neighborhood. Or choose one where you know the food and/or bartender is top notch.

I chose a place I assumed would have good wine on hand since I always pictured myself as the wine-swirling kind of artist.

If only wine improved ability.

If only wine improved ability.

So off we went to Wine 121.

What to expect

You know ahead of time what you’ll be painting because you’ll check the calendar before making a reservation online. I picked this winter number, partly because the class best lined up with my weekday schedule.

The painting selected for our class to paint.

The painting selected for our class was to replicate.

Arrive to your class about 15 minutes early to claim a spot (my smart date, Krynn, scoped out the best lit table), sign in, and to order your food and drinks if you want them. And you know you want them.

At each seat is your canvas already on an easel, four brushes, paint and a water cup. Don’t confuse this water cup with your wine.

Your teacher is a local artist – there are four in the Omaha rotation. Brandy taught our class in an amusing, very casual way. There were some art virgins in our group of about 17, several men surprisingly, and a few who have been to a Vino van Gogh class before. Your instructor walks you through the brushes and gives you a little rundown on technique and then lets you run with it.

My friend, Krynn, who I've now nicknamed the art teacher's pet, because her work was held up to the class. Whatever.

My friend, Krynn, who I’ve now nicknamed the teacher’s pet, because her work was held up to the class. Whatever.

Our class was unusually independent, according to Brandi (I didn’t get her spelling). Most of us strayed from the original, which made it feel less like class and more like sitting in your dining room with a bunch of friends. Brandie did occasionally pipe up with tips on making different elements of the piece, but overall, she stepped back and wandered the room offering praise and suggestions to everyone.

I think that was my favorite part. No one was judged. There was always something worthy of pointing out in each painting. She might have been making up why my painting look good, but every good teacher knows how to make her students feel good.

Here’s a sample of what some of my creative classmates did:

Here we have a "Braveheart" rendition by one of the men in the class. Another guy did a great Calvin and Hobbes homage, but that picture was blurry.

Here we have a “Braveheart” rendition by one of the men in the class. Another guy did a great Calvin and Hobbes homage, but that picture was blurry.

Some stayed fairly close to the original, others did something completely different.

Some stayed fairly close to the original, others did something completely different.

After about two hours, our work was done. We had a finished product that could very well be a gift. Both my friend, Krynn, and I agreed this would be fun to do again. It was relaxing, unrushed, and you left with the fruits of your labor.

I won't quit my day job to paint but I could totally do this again.

I won’t quit my day job to paint but I could totally do this again.

Want to go?!

We’re giving away four free passes to try a Vino van Gogh outing yourself and three of your friends! One winner will be randomly drawn from Rafflecopter – winner receives four (4) promo codes that can be redeemed online to reserve spots for any date.ย Can you say GIRLS NIGHT OUT? Just think, you can socialize for a few hours and then everyone walks away with a painting that would make a great Christmas gift!

It also makes a nice date night, as there were a few couples in our class. Can you say couple date night?

OK, I’ll stop with the “can you say” stuff.

If you and your friends go this month, you each get a FREE tote bag from Vino Van Gogh. Check out the schedule for December here. The passes expire Jan. 31, 2014, so if December is crazy, you’re not rushed to use the passes.

Excited yet? It’s easy to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About Vino van Gogh

Celebrate the holidays doing something new. Guests say Vino artists make it fun to create your own work of art using their simple, step-by-step process. Enjoy drinks and appetizers inย a social and relaxed environment. In celebration of the holiday season, Vino van Gogh is pleased to give away a beautiful purple tote bag to guests that attend the public events in the month of December. Events fill quickly; advance online registration are encouraged.
Events are hosted across Omaha at various neighborhood locations, ensuring one is near you and supporting the communities where you life and work. Online promo codes are offered weekly via the newsletter, so sign up here to start receiving a newsletter.
Vino van Gogh started in Chicago and is in several markets. I heard at my class that they will soon be holding classes in businesses in Council Bluffs and Glenwood, Iowa. They also hold private parties upon request.
Vino van Gogh provided complimentary admission to a class for me and a friend in exchange for hosting this giveaway and writing about my experience. The opinions expressed are my own, though.


  1. I’ve been wanting to try this sounds awesome!

  2. I probably haven’t painted something since grade school. I used to draw cartoons, but that was it.

  3. I just painted on canvas at another place similar to this on Sunday! It was fun!

  4. The last time that I painted something was in high school, so I am really excited about this!

  5. I occasionally swipe the brush from my daughter when she uses watercolors on her Crayola easel. I think she is more talented though!

  6. I’ve been wanting to test my artistic skills at one of these events! I would love to see how I do!

  7. Gosh, I can’t even the remember the last time I painted something. Oh yes, now I remember. I painted my piggy bank with nail polish. About a year ago. An art project that sadly sounded way more awesome than it turned out.

  8. Patti Cummings says

    I painted craft sticks about 8 months ago to make chore charts for my kids.

  9. Heather Cregeen says

    I don’t think I have painted anything since high school.

  10. Let me think, I painted a picture frame for a wedding not so long ago. Probably the last time!

  11. Brittney Wood says

    Looks so fun! I’m particularly fond of the snowman anarchy/Braveheart rendition!

  12. Amy Wemhoff says

    I love painting and wine!!! Haven’t painted in forever though, so this would be fun!

  13. The last time I painted was at Corky Canvas! I’d love to compare the two!

  14. I painted a craft at my MOPS group this morning. Would love to be able to learn how to paint better!

  15. Ashley Vazquez says

    The last time I painted was with my kiddos…always lots of fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Sounds like a fun girls night out!

  17. Tessa Genners says

    Last time I painted was at Village Canvas and Cabarnet. Loved it but would also like to try a new place!

  18. Definitely looks like a great girls night out!

  19. I last painted one year ago.

  20. Last thing I painted was a couple weeks ago when I was helping my son!

  21. Cant wait to paint something with my girlfriend than art with my kids. Cross my fingers I win.

  22. Does spray painting count? Cause if so, a couple weeks ago ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. This looks like soooooooooooooooooo much fun!! I love drawing, but would like to have some instruction on painting–while sipping the vino! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Jennifer C says

    I would love to try this! I have been looking at the schedule weekly trying to figure out which one to go to first! Such a great idea!!!

  25. This looks like a blast! Would love to do this for a girls night out!

  26. I paint my face most days. ๐Ÿ˜‰ On a canvas, my last painting was a few month’s ago.

  27. I would love to try this out! The last thing I painted was my husband’s new hammer! lol. They steal it if I don’t put something on it.

  28. Kimberly O says

    Probably a year ago… So overdue though!

  29. I painted last spring in my elementary art education class!

  30. The last time I painted was with you! Thanks so much for taking me with you!

  31. Cute snowmen!

  32. The last time I painted was last night when I attempted to paint my nails, but decided getting a manicure over lunch today was a better idea.

  33. I painted my fingernails just last night!

  34. I tried doing painted dog paw prints with my two labs….that did not work well. They didn’t cooperate. Lol

  35. Sounds like tons of fun and I haven’t painted on a canvas in forever !!

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