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Insider’s Family Guide: Council Bluffs

Insider’s Family Guide: Council Bluffs

Some of you know that I used to work in Council Bluffs, Iowa, for years. I grew to feel protective of the city and the quirky people who call it home. It’s a neat place once you drive past the casinos and steer clear of the west end of West Broadway (the 100 block, I dig). I invited a friend to provide an insider’s look at the family-friendly scene Council Bluffs offers. Go out and explore it sometime.

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Living and loving the CB life

Council Bluffs has been known to get a bad rap. You may have heard the old familiar “Counciltucky.”  But no matter what you hear you will never know the true gem Council Bluffs is until you get out and explore all it has to offer.

I am a mother of a 10-month-old son. Taking him places isn’t always an easy feat (will it ever be?) and finding places that spark his interest and keep him occupied is always on my to do list. One place we love to go visit is Bass Pro Shops. Yes, you read that right; I know, I know … it’s a hunting and fishing store. However, they have a lot more to offer than just kayaks and duck calls for sale.  Bass Pro has an 18,000-gallon fish tank that is sure to mesmerize your little ones. There are all kinds of wildlife animals on display throughout the store and even a carnival like shooting range upstairs for the bigger kids. One of the best things about Bass Pro is all the free family events they hold throughout the year.  They have a Santa’s workshop, visits with the Easter Bunny, Family Summer Camp and many more.  Not only are these events free, but they often include free take home projects for the kiddos and free holiday pictures.  A quick trip to the BP can be a fun learning experience for the whole family!

Ditmars Orchard is another great, quick day visit for the family. Take the kids out for some fruit picking, corn-digging and tractor pull rides. Ditmars also hosts numerous events throughout the year. From their fall time pumpkin patch to live music performances and a hot air balloon festival – it’s always worth it to see what they have to offer!

Tiffany, a Council Bluffs, Iowa, native and mother of an adorable boy, shares tips on where to go in Council Bluffs with little ones in tow.

Tiffany, a Council Bluffs, Iowa, native and mother of an adorable boy, shares tips on where to go in Council Bluffs with little ones in tow.

Council Bluffs has many other amazing locations to check out. If you want to explore history, I suggest the Union Pacific Railroad Museum, Historic General Dodge House, Squirrel Cage Jail or the Lewis and Clark Monument. These locations would make for great learning scavenger hunts if you have older children.

If you want to take in some fresh air and nature, visit one of our amazing parks.  Big Lake is an excellent park to visit – you can fish, have a picnic and play on the kid friendly playground!

Council Bluffs has a lot to offer if you give it a chance and it’s a wonderful place for a family adventure!

– Tiffany is a crafter, diaper changer and recipe maker out to change the world one Pinterest project at a time. Read more by this 30-something first-time mom at

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